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@TIGER that’s exactly right. The results speak for themselves atm unfortunately, pack has been up to scratch for a good majority of the year - Robbie was playing quality football.

Now look at us 😮

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@Harvey bahahhaahhaa I do love a light-hearted post on here, every now n then

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@WT2K API is somebody I’d prefer to get tbh

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@851 happily take Sezer over Brooks, right now… but who knows form is too futile and static a way to make a judgement on potentially signing?

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@851 E.T, back to bench/CC strictly as a decent backup and then look for maybe a powerful/80 minute worker to play on another edge and have only one of MCK or Lawrence on bench…

It’s relatively possible with respect to the cap situation and then obviously the position of main weakness would be centres, not to mention Hooker now after the debacle aye… I’d be tempted to lock up either Capewell or Ramien if we fail on the above players

Versatile and good 80 minute performers - seems to be what we always lack in.

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I like your idea but let’s throw the bank at Arrow to lead with Matterson. James is past it so he’d definitely fit our criteria , lol
Good leader on his day

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Unfortunately, it just will not happen… we will continue to slide until Brooksy is relieved of ‘managing’ duties, sadly it’s not what he is good at and it doesn’t who IS good at it, because if we’re able to snag a decent 7 like that then I’d really like Marshall for leadership and back-up… then you have Brooks/J.rey and potentially Simpkin if we as a team are playing very well to come in and start to ply his trade.

Nothing changes until Brooks does (and won’t be able to change playing styles now) so this genuinely should be given a shot. Not this year!