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He has amassed a lot of missed tackles. He has an effective tackle completion rate of 77.9% which is way below the other forwards, the majority of which are >90% (lowest is 87%).

Hit ups are ineffective. He has 1 off-load in 3 games. Post contact meters are atrocious.

Meanwhile Aloiai is on the bench and Sue is playing reggies.

At least he’s trying.

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At least we are a chance of winning something.

I’d even take winning the toss at this moment in time.

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…all candidates for Tedesco and Woods.

The boys are looking for a stable club with the chance of playing finals?

Mmmm. Let me think?

Roosters - Join us and you too can enjoy simulating sex with dogs, hitting the streets of Oxford Street and other clubs doing cocaine and other socially acceptable drugs. Pearce, Friend and Ferguson can help you out. You can even learn how to bash your partner. Don’t worry about the last few years missing the 8 with the roster available. Safe club 10/10.

Dogs - The leisure club. Go on holidays and have sex with your mates and then enjoy the attention on the news. Don’t worry about Des, he’s now safe. James Graham, Hopoate, Mbye, Reynolds all love the Club that they are leaving. Safe Club 10/10.

Dragons - Wow. less than 5 weeks ago, Mary was the first coach sacked. Not now. Everyone is pulling in the same direction. No more “oust doust signs” at the games. The club is so good that Trent Merrin, the Morris boys, Mitch Rein and others left to make way for better players. Thoughtful group. Though they havent made the 8 for a while they might this year. Or maybe next. Safe club 10/10.

Be my guest James and Aaron. Go chase your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

PS: If you bye Tedesco you have to buy his stunt double. That’s right, since his debut (2012) he’s played a total of 79 of 135 games (58%). That means that his double is playing as much as the real player.

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It’s not a matter of who’s better or worse in size comparatively. For instance is Inglis, Kasiano, Oates, Bromwich better than the shorter Mansour, Tamolo, Jennings, Scott? They’re all good players regardless of stature.

Its about having a point of difference to enable variation in both attack and defence.

It’ll be interesting to see how us short arses go this year.

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Hope not.

Out of all the teams we only have 3 players in our top 25 that are 190cm and above. The least of all the clubs.

The majority of clubs have at least 7/25 players. Notable teams are Souths 12/25, Melbourne 11/25, Dogs 10/25 and Cowboys 11/25.

Hope Taylor knows what he’s doing with recruitment because he finally has the team he wanted.

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ITs Taylor that picks the team and the bench and the rotation of such.

Hand on heart and say that Taylor picked the best 17 team available or was he playing favourites.

Unfortunately, its hard to argue. He got the playing personnel wrong and we missed the 8 again.

Playing Ranking at fullback was not an issue. But it is a taxing position and expecting him to be burdened with playing dummy half, in a crunch game as well, is the stuff of a delusional man.

I’ll let others bang on about Taylors positive attributes but he doesnt seem to be good at man managing. That folks, is the most important part of his role. Getting the players to play for him and getting them to use their attributes to the best of their ability.

Big F on his report card.

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Ballin wont be good to go til mid-way through 2017 at best. Mental demons my friend particularly after a 2nd reconstruction and that’s assuming there are no complications.

There will be no Halatau either.

That’s Liddle and on-one at the start of the year. Sorry, there’s Rankin. I forgot.

2017 will be like Groundhog day.

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Using your analogy, Its more akin to the manager being envious of the garbage collector, who is on more coin than him.

The manager gets rid of the expensive guy, buys another garbage collector, at the same price cause he still paying for the guy he just let go, and the new garbage collector will be second rate “rubbish”.

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What irks me is what Taylor said: “The team performs better without Robbie in it…”

The last time Robbie played was against the Panthers and we towled them up. Robbie was one of our better players on the field that night.

If we believe what’s been written in the media, our young guns were holding off contract negotiations based on who the coach is.

They are all off contract at the end of 2017.

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…then from that perspective, it will cost the WT Club $950k to get ride of Farah or I assume, $500K to get ride of Taylor.

The pros and cons are:

  • Taylor said we are looking for a No.9 and yet we have a SOO player on our books signed for 2017 that we don’t have to spent a cent on.
  • Who better to guide Little than an experienced SOO rake
  • Has the team really improved under Taylor and how will it get better next year when he continually picks players that arent up to first grade standard?
  • How from a business sense do you buy a No.9 with a dodgy knee and expect them to be part of the first team after 6months. Anyone who has had or watches players with an ACL injury knows the mental demons take 18months.
    -The coach bought a player with a dodgy knee and the club is paying him to work on his strength and fitness while taking money from the Cap.

In my opinion, and from a business perspective, cut your losses with Taylor and move on.