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@Elderslie_Tiger Souths have him -he built Mascot Towers.

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Maybe he had a choice and didn’t want the stereotype. His subsequent career and profile was individualistic.

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@Harvey I think the days when Indigenous players are expected to play for Souths may be ending.Latrelle may want to make his own way and make his own statements and push back at that stereotype. The demographic in South Sydney is changing by the day and it won’t matter which club he is with. With social media and traditional media he could easily project his profile to the Indigenous community if that is his wish .

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After analysing a mountain of media speculation , forum input and player manager strategies I have come to the conclusion that I am in agreeance with Sergeant Schultz.


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Sirro might have some contacts from his Lowes commercial days.

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Wasn’t Ettingshausen the first celebrity nudist at the Sharks?

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@old_man_tiger said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@Ponyo Parra haven’t been able to buy a premiership despite all their attempts, including massive salary cap rorts, gutting Canterbury in the 90s and picking up some of the most arrogant little nobodies that has ever been squeezed fron the NRL’s sphincter.

They are just as bad as us when it comes to picking who to keep and who to sell. Look at the juniors they have let go (including matterson ironically).

They are propped up by property developers of an ilk who make drug lords look like saints, and followed by a bunch of inbred morons. I believe they are a broken, poorly run club over recent decades and have not gone through the pain we have to try and address it.

To top it all off, their mascot looks like a single, lonesome sperm infected by chicken pox.

The Cowboys are ok, they excel at losing to us.

Tell us what you really think!

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@Newtown said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours: NOVEMBER 19, 2019 5:48AM

Miss World is tilting battle for Jai Arrow’s signature. The opportunity for his girlfriend to take her modelling career to the next level is swaying the future of one of the NRL’s most in-demand stars.
The South Sydney Rabbitohs aren’t messing around this off-season as they eye off several stars to reload for the future. Their hopes of luring one star away from the Gold Coast could all be helped by his model girlfriend.

Jai Arrow comes out of contract after the 2020 season and has been earmarked as the man to help fill the void left behind by Greg Inglis, John Sutton and the Burgess brothers.Arrow, 24, didn’t re-sign with the Gold Coast Titans ahead of the November 1 deadline and is expected to attract offers of $850,000 a season and above as clubs line up to secure his services. But his model girlfriend Taylah Cannon, who was last year’s Miss World Australia, could prove the biggest asset for the Rabbitohs with reports she has told friends a move to Sydney would help her career.

Cannon’s management company, Vivien’s Models, have previously stated they encourage their clients to make the move to Sydney if they want to “get to the next level”.“We recommend to all our models up here to move to our Vivien’s Sydney branch if they want to get to the next level of their modelling career. Sydney would be great for Taylah,” Vivien’s Queensland manager Georgia Barclay said to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Arrow is still weighing up where his future lies, but has said the duo will do “what’s best for us” when it comes to deciding.

The problems for Arrow if he moves to Sydney are

  1. Taylah goes to Specsavers

  2. She meets a dashing Wests Ttgers bachelor at an NRL function.

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@Spacecub said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Please can we talk about footy

Socceroos-Nepal 31/3/2020 in Nepal