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Xerri could claim the hormones came from the beef at Engadine Maccas. A positive sample from SchloMo could help his cause.

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Brisbane Thanks

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I hope the balcony and roof fans at Leichhardt are practising Nathan’s Tik Toc dance should we meet there this year-safely of course. Perhaps the video operator at the ground could project the steps on to the screen.

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No word so far of any anti jabbers in our lot?

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Don’t let it get you down -keep your chin up Nathan.

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I realise the NRL needs the income from S O O but I am sick of Fittler and and Meninga handing out advice to get themselves a headline in the media . Neither of these guys have been able to sustain a club gig at NRL level .Seriously ,anyone on this forum could coach a S O O side. Both of these guys have had their snout in the trough for far too long-hope V’Landys has a good look at what they are earning in relation to the amount of work they actually do.

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Everyone stood down for May at the NRL except big bosses-other staff on Jobkeeper until further notice.

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Michters Unblended American Whisky- can afford one bottle every 2 months -have to get from Melbourne these days. Michters Bourbon more readily available here-good stuff.

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I hope some of Foxtel subscribers may find this info useful

  1. If you are on an older platinum plan eg Platinum hd-you are being ripped off. For the same monthly amount you should be getting Platinum Plus which INCLUDES a standard Netflix subscription PLUS a $40 12 mth discount.

  2. I downgraded to Premium with a $40 12 mth discount.

  3. Was never advised to upgrade to IQ 3 from IQHD aka IQ2 to optimise my Platinum HD plan.

Anyone on an older plan is subsidising newer Platinum subscriptions.

I am on a Foxtel from Telstra bundle.

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@LeichhardtTiger said in Best Balmain AND Wests, Tigers Team:

@CoJo1013 said in Best Balmain AND Wests, Tigers Team:

Steve Knight- Centre

Steve had the biggest biceps in Rugby League at the time. I recall him on Rex Mossop’s show in an Arm Wrestle contest - But then the grey cells fail me.

Rex’s " emotions" would have been stirred by that contest-but from memory he was more of a “massive thighs” aficianado.