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If Woodsy was to leave how would Teddy and the rest interpret that? Surely any doubts about the direction the club is heading in would be exacerbated. Despite what some people might think of Woodsy he is respected by the other players. If he resigns with our club it’s a step in the right direction if he doesn’t then the chances of Teddy and/or Mitch going becomes greater. And should the Dogs get Woodsy it would not surprise me at all if they went after one of them as well. It’d be a lot of money but they’d find it somehow.

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Haven’t posted for ages but had a sneaky peak at what’s happening and saw this thread. I asked JT about Taniela at the Members’ Day a few months ago and he was very forthright in his opinion that he was still inexperienced and needed time. He said something along the lines that prop is a position where young guys can be found out pretty quickly if they aren’t ready.
Hopefully Taniela keeps improving because the club will benefit if he does.

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G’day guys, just letting you know that this Sunday the club will be trying to have the people in the Eastern Grandstand use Wests Tigers flip cards and will be unfurling a banner before kick-off. It’s a positive initiative by the club and one which will hopefully contribute to the excitement and build up to kick-off. I will be there helping out a little but if everyone who is sitting in that particular part of the ground could participate it will help make it a success and something we can feel proud of. Let’s get the boys home. Go the mighty Wests Tigers!!!

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@happy tiger:

We will underestimate this side

Is just a question whether we still win or not

No chance of that happening, not after 3 defeats and last year the Sims boys leading their pack to a win over ours.

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I don’t see any need for changes. We’re having a good run without injury, only minor things at present, so why change now and disrupt combinations when we will be forced to make changes soon enough i.e. when injuries really do hit and Origin comes around. One simple stat stands out to me in the first 5 rounds and that’s when we have made less tackles than the opposition we’ve won, when we’ve had to make more we’ve lost. We have the points in us to win games but have to cut out ill discipline, errors and the odd poor decision which is putting too much pressure on the defence. In these early rounds when the weather is warm the more ball the opposition has the harder it is to defend.
We’re probably not making enough metres in the forwards but who will come in and improve that? In my mind the only way to improve that is to improve those areas I’ve mentioned. Maybe Edwards might help with defence in the middle if they have to do plenty of it but he’s not going to help make more metres, and could he play long minutes, if needed, at this level just yet? I know most would disagree but I’d prefer the same team to run out this week.

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Knights are improving. They almost got a win against Melbourne.

We weren’t all that far from winning our last 2 games either. Only one try between us & the Eels and only possession stood between us & the Sharks. We’ve also had to deal with 2 five day turnarounds in the first 5 games. Had we held the ball better last 2 games we may well have won both and be on 8 pts now. But the sad reality is we didn’t. So the boys have to work on that and improve, if they do then they’ll be hard to beat.

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I’m showing my age here 😉, but what does TLDR mean ?

Too long didn’t read

When there’s that amount of text without paragraphs, it makes very difficult to read.

OP seems to have a good sense of humour though, so all in good fun.

Thanks, not up to date with a lot this.

Stream of consciousness, or is it unconsciousness.

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One of the great days in Wests Tigers history - when Fifita went.
He is great when it is going his way and a milksop when it isn’t. Someone just needs to put one on him early and he goes to water. Gives away a million penalties as well.

Taupau was just a mercenary - came to us for more money and a shot and then knocked back a good offer from us to go to Manly for more money. Can’t play anything like 80 minutes.

So two guys that like to run at small men and won’t be missed by me.

I don’t miss him either but he is a player who can do something others can’t. I’ve no doubt he has an ego and he likes the pushing rubbish. He’s a niggler and a bit of a dope but that is obvious to any follower of the game. That run after the kick-off was impressive though.

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I was sitting at the northern end yesterday. The Sharks had just taken 2 points after the push and shove between Fifita, Grant etc. From the kick-off I watched Fifita charge back towards the Tigers defenders. I turned to the bloke next to me and said “Who’d want to tackle that”. Fifita then bumped a few away and made it to about the 30m line. I then said “That’s just given the Sharks a huge lift”. Several plays later they score. I’m not a fan of Fifita but he’s one of those players who can do something that only a few can match. And don’t make him angry, it doesn’t help.

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Well guys I was at the game as most would know because of the WTF get together……
What was clearly on show was “IMMATURITY” from our younger players,giving away silly penalties and gifting the Sharks easy territory,not having the vision to find ground at the end of a set and getting caught with the ball,not being able to control the game once a good lead was established…The Sharks have seasoned,professional players who can win games in a split second given the opportunity and this stood out yesterday,the likes of Ennis,Barbara,Lewis and Gallen…Our team is learning every week,their defense is improving and their attack is superb when all goes well …Taylor has improved this team as compared to last year,however you can’t coach the side to play to a game plan and then the team makes errors during the game that weren’t in the plan,not being able to or have the capacity to recover from those errors is what sets us apart from the top teams in this comp…instead of gathering themselves up and concentrating on the rest of the game, they showed some good old fashioned panic…once again they have to learn to be switched on and playing for the full 80 minutes,slacken off and they get punished… 😐

The panic, if it was that, was caused by the great pressure applied by the Sharks. Have to give credit to their forwards and Ennis and their halves who took full advantage of some poor decisions and errors. But for us I think it’s something we will get better at, our guys will learn to make better decisions.