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@willow said in Tigers ready to break finals drought after using up nine lives:

A couple of years ago Luke Brooks was part of the Tigers’ “big three”, along with James Tedesco and Mitch Moses. Tedesco’s Roosters have qualified, so to Moses with the Eels, I’ve a feeling that Brooks might finally be joining them.

This is pretty funny. Sharon has been forgotten.

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A while back they published 3rd party payments and the rorters were at the bottom end. I think they were well below us.

You can believe two things:-

  1. They are an exceptionally well managed club and do everything right and therefore players really want to stay there and money is not an issue to these guys.
    2.They are cheating.

Personally as someone who has been working for a bit over 20 years in big business (one of the big 4 banks) I think it’s pretty clear that it’s option 2.

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That looks official.

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This hurts a lot because my brother has just recently died from being hit by a car. It happened about 3 months ago. He was freaken awesome. He had a beautiful wife and 3 beautiful kids. He was a gun at work. He was a general manager at a big company earning 500k per year. He was a really good sportsman when he was younger as well.

My family is devastated. He was 43 and he just didn’t think of the consequences of running across the road. He was running 20km to work at 5:30 in the morning. Greg crying in that video shows how much this hurts. I’ve been crying nearly every day. There was no alcohol involved but dead is dead.

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@jirskyr said in Matterson unhappy at Tigers?:

Too simple thinking for such a complex situation.

This sums up the issue for me completely. There are broad unsubstantiated claims at how poorly our club is run but there are no specific details and no playing devil’s advocate.

I have no idea what Matterson’s problem is but he should stay and see out his contract or we should be able to trade for him and get a player just as good or better for the same dollars or less. The trade has to be advantageous to us.

I fail to see what else the club can do.

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First priority should be a gun fullback and secondly a centre. I think our pack is looking a lot better than the outside backs. We have a decent pack, pretty good halves and average outside backs.

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@cochise I watch us every week and I think Benji has been our best half this year. I get the impression he is also on significantly less than the other two halves in our team.

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@Milky said in Matterson unhappy at Tigers?:

I think we shouldn’t necessarily be after a player with Matterson being released…

We should tell the Club who wants to sign him that if they want him, they must sign either J Rey, Mbye, Packer or Mcqueen at full cost…

That is probably the only way we could get rid of them. I think a club like Titans would agree to that given they could use the services of Mbye or Reynolds…

This is exactly what we should do. You can have Matterson if you take Reynolds and Packer as well.

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@Elderslie_Tiger said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

At the end of the day we saved a million he’s got to find a million and looks likely to play CC

It’s interesting how some people are calling us the fools. Maybe in some alternate universe. We handled the situation well.

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If he won us games I’d have him. I don’t care for his views but to exclude him from our club just for that is stupid. Who cares what he thinks. I’d prefer Latrell though.

When it comes to the question a player like Folau is exactly what we need. A big fast fullback who can turn a game.

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@Zach - I completely disagree and that attitude to me is a disgrace. He would have been just as good here and if he was able to lead us to a comp win he would have gone down as a club great.

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@innsaneink I thought our halves were better than theirs. If we had a players like Tupau, Latrell and Manu in our team it’d make the halves look better.

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@Madgic said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@hodgo BJ Leilua on the market as of today for $600K.

I wouldn’t go for him on that money. I just think it’s overs.

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@Mighty_Tiger said in Matterson unhappy at Tigers?:

I don’t want him leaving and think he is future captain material. He is one we could build the club around.

If our club is serious about changing the culture and winning we need to prove we can resolve differences with players and keep the good ones at the club.

This will be a great test for Madge and Pascoe, but also a crucial call on how we manage our future.

I think we need to re-think the captaincy role. We handed that to Woods and he proved that he didn’t have the character for the role. Matterson has clearly shown he probably doesn’t have the character for the role as well.

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Great signing. One of if not our best players last year. I get the impression he isn’t getting paid a lot either.

The problem is that we need someone to replace him at his level and that is going to be extremely hard to achieve.

I hope he retains his current form as well. Players can lose it quick at the back-end of their careers.