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@fibrodreaming said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@tigerbalm said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Also, you don’t have to read it.

This conversation is in the Signing Suggestions and Rumours thread, which means I do have to read it (or at least part of it) if I want to stay up to date on possible signings.

I never open threads like the Lament thread because i’m not interested in that stuff. But these conversations are infecting almost every thread, which means they are difficult to avoid.

I think an ideal approach is to have separate threads for the whinging.

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@Papacito said in Lack of signings:

Tedesco is a good example. He earns quite a bit extra non salary cap money at the Roosters. Even if we could have matched payments under the cap, the extra payments can easily equal $200k per year.

Not really. 3rd Party payments were listed recently and we paid out more than the Roosters. It might be true for Tedesco but if that information is accurate the Roosters team are paid less than the Tigers team based on 3rd party payments.

I also think that elite players will still get picked. Frizzel and Ben Hunt play for Saints and still were picked in rep teams.

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@pawsandclaws1 said in Lack of signings:

@tigerbalm said in Lack of signings:

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@Goanna57 said in Lack of signings:

If LM signs for south’s for 400k as reported what does that say about the west’s tigers

What does it say about Latrell? I don’t think it says anything much about the Tigers at all.

If Latrell actually comes out in the media and says “I would never sign for the Tigers, they are the most unprofessional rabble in the competition” - then what of it?

The opinion of a 22 year old with a history of malcontent.

Fair enough, if you go on record with 100 players who think Tigers suck, then you have something. But that’s never going to happen.

Or look at Newcastle, by all reports in the media “on the nose” with players, rightly so after a string of wooden spoons. They go all-in on Ponga and then jag Pearce and Klemmer in a tumultuous offseason, suddenly they are a destination that can appear to attract top-tier players. Doesn’t take long to flip your fortunes.

And even then, doesn’t work for Newcastle at all. They don’t win with an average roster, they don’t win with a strong roster. For all the players on their books, players that we were interested in at Tigers, Knights are still massively short of success and now find themselves without the coach who signed those players, and with players like Ramien wanting to leave after just 1 year.

What does it say about Newcastle? I don’t think it says anything specifically, other than it’s hard to become a regularly successful club.

Your point might be valid if Wests had a history of attracting elite players…but they don’t. They have a history of signing has been’s and the only thing that has kept the team afloat is the odd diamond that’s uncovered. LM snubbing the club for substantially less money speaks of west’s failing as an organization rather than any shortcoming of LM.

And you mention Newcastle, even with all the issues you mentioned, they still kept Ponga, signed S/O players. Can’t carry on blaming the world for West’s problems. Things wont get better until they are addressed. Single home ground. COE (facilities). Coach finishes out his contract. No dramas with CEO’s , board members and hopefully this will lead to being a competitive team that players want to come too.

The Knights had the nerve to sign a young Ponga on a huge contract (at that time). Sometimes big risks pay off and it did this time. Good luck to them.

The point is though that they Knights with those players haven’t been any more successful than we have. We apparently have also offered Latrell a great contract.

I don’t see simple solutions or simple problems. I think the club just has to manage it’s cap better and deal with each instance on it’s merit. I don’t think the cries of “incompetence” or “the NRL is corrupt” help.

Personally I think we need some better players next year just to be competitive. We do have 3 spots available though so I figure let’s just see what happens.

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@ElleryHanley said in Lack of signings:

The real issue is that this is very long term…

In our 25 years we have never been able to sign a current Kangaroo or NSW player.

Our biggest signing NRL wise has been Adam Blair. Think about that…25 years = Adam Blair.

Even at their lowest points the Dogs, Manly, Parra, Panthers, Saints…even the Titans…have all been able to sign current rep players.

Yet we never have.

It is an issue. Those denying it are half the problem, by doing so it just adds to the lack of accountability.

Melbourne don’t do it much if at all either. Sure it’s a problem for us but it doesn’t impact Melbourne. The problem is developing a quality team.

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@TJ21 said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@JD-Tiger said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

The only thing that is clear to me is that LM and his entourage encourage this media attention. They are the only ones who could put a stop to it, yet they let it play on, hoping it will play to their advantage.

To be fair, WT have done that ourselves at times, tried to play the media, even with LM himself.

Totally agree with you. Then they complain about the negative media impact when they are leaking all the info

The issue is LM and his entourage. The problem is they appear to be incompetent. I don’t think it’s a deliberate tactic. I don’t think LM wants the attention.

This seems to me to have more media attention than Arrows contract which has been going on for ages. Is that just because Latrell is a much better player or is it just that there is a circus around Mitchell.

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@white said in Lack of signings:

Of course this thread is necessary we need to find out what is wrong with the joint no sugar coating

Do you seriously think that you are going to get the right answer on here ? Maybe there isn’t an answer. Maybe it’s just bad luck.

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@momo_amp_medo said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@GNR4LIFE said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

Remember when we all thought he was coming here and he was fighting fires. Greatest guy in the world.

Now, looks like going to Souths and he’s a low life.

The psychology of sports fans is fascinating.

Really … haven’t read too many posts on here saying he is a low life. However it’s pretty clear that there are some serious issues attached to this player and his entourage. Whoever signs him will burn significant cap $s and then be faced with a difficult job of managing his tantrums. And when you focus on babysitting just one “Special” player the team stability just goes out of the window.

Exactly. I don’t know what to think of him but I don’t think he is a bad guy. As far as rugby league players go to me he is a relatively likable player.

There is something funny going on though and Latrell in my opinion isn’t handling the situation well if the rumors are true. This whole drama just sounds to me like Latrell simply isn’t ready to be a professional sportsman. This isn’t a comment stating that he is a bad person. It’s completely different. It’s stating that he has people in his entourage playing games that appear to be screwing him over. He needs to sort the situation out himself and provide clear directions to his managers regarding what he is after. It doesn’t even sound like he knows who his manager is.

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@Russell said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

Well who would have thought Bennett would backflip … He is just and out and out liar.

I don’t feel sorry for LM at all - this has basically been a well orchestrated plan to enable him to sign with Souffs all along.

Maybe but do you realize how stupid this sounds. He is being paid supposedly $150k less per season than what he was offered to stay at the Rorters and at least a million dollars less than what we were offering over 3 or 4 years.

Are people really that stupid or is there something else going on ?

It sounds like Latrell is in a cult or something rather than playing a professional sport.

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@formerguest said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

Know nothing about him, but get the feeling that this Rose guy is some similar indigenous form of the footy whisperer that had our group of juniors under his spell.

This is the feeling you get isn’t it. There is something off about it. They don’t come across as recognizing that it’s professional sport.

If we did offer that contract and he didn’t sign the guy clearly doesn’t appear to understand the situation that he is in. It’s bizarre.

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@GNR4LIFE said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

When I said we should be looking at the ESL, I meant we should be looking at English players, waiting to be discovered. Diamonds in the rough. Not ex pats who went to England cos they couldn’t get contracts here. Hastings by all reports is one of the most hated players in the game. Hated by other players that is. Parcell had a few good games, but I’m far from convinced about him. They’d be underwhelming signings.

They wouldn’t be great signings. Latrell and JAC versus these guys.