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Sugar/carbs all are glucose in the end. The difference is with refined, there’s no real good nutrients & fiber to go with it
Another issue is the good old juicer… if you were given 4 apples, you’ll likely eat 1 & be satisfied getting about 4tsp equivalent of sugar… but juice it and you’ll need all 4 & not even be satisfied… & getting similar to a can if coke of sugar

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Watch "that sugar film’ - Damon Gameau
Basically regular weight usual 2400cal diet but not high in sugar ie breakfast bacon eggs avocado. Healthy during checkup. Experiment is to change to high sugar 40tsp equivalent a day from “healthy” food, but same calorie total. He thinks its going to be hard. 1st day cereals with low fat yoghurt, some fruit & glass of juice… 20tsp! & he goes im gonna have to ration the last 20tsp. Iirc piled 8kg in 1st few weeks 12kg over the duration, red flag on his post medicals

Lots of great info here… i was 95kg at 5’3 now 65kg, went into cycling, change diet low carb/sugar & go into periodic keto, frequent 8:16 with 2 meals generally…most breakfast stuff are just laced with sugar & vicious cycle of high insulin early to drop blood sugar levels, goes too low then hungry again within a couple of hours

What i understand is that your muscles & liver are your petrol tank for glycogen… you have too high carbs/sugar while tank is full, insulin will push those surplus as fat for later use… which never eventuates coz we keep the glucose coming.
Use myfitnesspal app, check & find out what you’re really putting in sugar & carbs in particular.

Like most says, it has to be a lifestyle change. Still enjoy life, have desserts. but they are treats… which you can rarely call them now as treats lol even brews got some choices… spirits dont even have sugar… its the mixers!

Sorry, quite a long post just trying to help

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Is he really lacking quickness & speed for a fact? Genuine question.

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Momo was terrible at first stint with anything for us, fights his Way thru, then start shining. Could he be our sleeper CNK? Tall, football smarts who seem to get himself in the right place at the right time, ex half so a ball player with kicking skills not to mention fast developing goal kicker.

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@Russell So who replaces Marsters, who replaces Matterson and who replaces Farah?

Luciano for Matterson? we didn’t have Jrey for most of 2019 so likely Jrey/Marshall 9 combo, Talau -Momo & Mbye battling for centres. Definitely need a prop, maybe Musgrove & FB upgrade LM or Lomax

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My crystal ball tells me we will have an 8-0 start. Just won’t show me anything beyond that 😅

How’s that for optimism

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Be funny if we make the 8 & eels misses

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@rustycage chill… just replying to earls comment about everything attributed to climate change.
Funny? George
True? The dates he mentioned from around1800s not dissimilar to now

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@Geo One thing I don’t like is all the stuff that is attributed to climate change. The fires we are having now are a classic example. These fires are terrible but blaming these fires on climate change is another trip to bizzaro world.

This guy… funny but true

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For what its worth, Diaz has gone on record in the past to say that he’s “not 100% vegan,” as he eats eggs and a little bit of seafood from time to time. Nick and Nate also spoke about having a mostly vegetarian diet with the late Anthony Bourdain a few years ago.Sep 20, 2019

Not surprised… hence why they are plant based not vegans… plant based is not against eating animal product… but most of their dietary intake are plant based… no doubt the elite athletes will use this clear plasma window for performance & recovery