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Wests Tigers cut eight players from roster

Tigers coach Michael Maguire is preparing to hit the transfer market with eight players departing the club this week, opening the door for several high-profile players to come to the club


September 28, 2020 8:07pm


Wests farewell Benji and Chris Lawrence

NRL: The Wests Tigers have farewelled Benji Marshall and Chris Lawrence in their final game for the club against the Parramatta Eels.

It’s a brutal game, rugby league. The 2020 NRL season has only just finished for the bottom eight sides but they’re already making moves for next year’s campaign.

And it’s bad news for a host of players whose NRL futures are up in the air after being told they’re not wanted by their current clubs. Canterbury kicked off the clean-outs last week when eight players were told their services are not required beyond this year.

After missing out on the finals series for the ninth straight year, the Wests Tigers have made similar moves with eight players departing the Concord club this week.


Who’s left: Benji Marshall, Chris Lawrence (retired), Elijah Taylor, Matt Eisenhuth, Dylan Smith, Robert Jennings, Oliver Clark, Harry Grant (loan)

Analysis: The farewell of Benji Marshall and retirement of stalwart Chris Lawrence dominated the headlines last week but behind the scenes another five players were released to pursue opportunities elsewhere.

The Wests Tigers are in the midst of a player exodus.

Two non-Sydney clubs have expressed preliminary interest in Marshall, who is keen to play on in season 2021.

Coach Michael Maguire has also opted not to re-sign utility forward Elijah Taylor, who revealed his management had been in talks with rivals in the hope of securing a deal next season.

Since making his debut in 2017, Eisenhuth has played 70 games in Tigers colours but like Taylor is not part of Maguire’s plans moving forward.

Outside back Robert Jennings is also on the look out for a new home after he was cut from Maguire’s 30-man roster.

Jordan Rapana is on Wests Tigers’ radar.

Boom hooker Harry Grant, who was on loan from Melbourne, will re-join the Storm.

The moves open the door for the club to hit the player market.

Melbourne flyer Josh Addo-Carr remains a recruitment priority but it’s understood Canberra’s Jordan Rapana is now also on the club’s radar.

It’s expected four development players including talented hooker, Jake Simpkin, will be upgraded into the top 30 roster for season 2021.


Who’s left: Kieran Foran, Aiden Tolman, Marcelo Montoya, Jesse Sue, Kerrod, Holland (retired), Jack Cogger, Isaiah Tass

Analysis: Last week, the Bulldogs announced eight players — including Kieran Foran, Aiden Tolman and Marcelo Montoya — were leaving the club at the end of the season.

The roster overhaul has opened the door for the incoming coach to target not only the game’s brightest prospects like Melbourne’s Brandon Smith and Penrith’s Matt Burton but more experienced players like Benji Marshall.

Aiden Tolman’s services are no longer required under Trent Barrett.

With Foran leaving and new recruit Blake Green (ACL) unlikely to be available for the opening rounds of the season, Marshall could be a potential suitor for a club that could do with an experienced playmaker to help guide its stable of young halves - Jake Averillo, Brandon Wakeham and Lachlan Lewis - in season 2021.

New club sponsor and pub baron Arthur Laundy told The Daily Telegraph he has his sights set on Penrith back Charlie Staines and halfback Burton. Laundy is expected to make a 900km road trip to personally visit Staines’ family in Forbes and Burton’s family in Dubbo, to help get the respective deals across the line.

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The Dragons have confirmed that three players won’t be offered new contracts beyond this season.

The club announced yesterday that Tristan Sailor, Jacob Host and Joe Lovodua would depart

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@4jtigers said in Departing players:

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Dylan Smith (2018-20)
Smith joined Wests Tigers as part of its Development squad in 2018 and transitioned into the full-time squad throughout his time with the club. An Australian Schoolboy, Smith featured prominently for the club’s Jersey Flegg and Canterbury Cup squads in 2018 and 2019 and played in the sole reserve-grade fixture this year before the season was cancelled.

No idea why he was let go even without giving him a chance to show what he has with at least 2 first grade games… sad really

They have probably considered he’s not better than what what we’ve got or what is coming.With the departure of players it will be interesting to see what the average age of our squad will be in 2021

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The real story here is … Adam needs to improve his tackling technique. Or simply stop the shoulder charging and shorts grabbing.

the thing is, he didnt hit him with his shoulder, it was more like his back or ribs that made first contact
but i do agree

Needs some tips from Sam Mclntyre

When it comes to Sivo you have to do the best you can for self preservation a piece of 4 x 2 most probably wouldn’t stop him😂😂😂😂😂😂

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@hobbo1 said in Broncos : Wooden Spoon:

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Donkeys new coach: Kevin Walters

I like Kevvie …he’s my favourite Queenslander .
Happy is my 10th…
I haven’t met the other 8 yet 😂

Dumped Harry Grant already thought he would be No 1

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@JoshColeman99 said in JAC:

Sounds like Melbourne storm paid DT to try pressure teams into going for a player swap

Their owned by News Ltd aren’t they

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Another season …another failure to launch

Wonder what the 4 word slogan will be in 2021

Josh Addo Carr has a noice ring to it

Show your Stripes is the slogan

Get your kit off

Get Pascoe on the phone. This is the one.

Ill do a few laps of leichhardt in my birthday suit if we make the finals in 2021

But only if people can guarantee that Geo isnt around …

If that doesn’t kick start WT’S season nothing will🤒🤒🤒🤒

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@happy_tiger said in JAC:

@mike …im on the sunny coast maybe i can take ovrr for you lol

You can take the 14 days off nothing will change 😹😹😹😹😹

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@GNR4LIFE said in Help me (and others) keep faith in Madge...:

@Telltails said in Help me (and others) keep faith in Madge...:

@GNR4LIFE said in Help me (and others) keep faith in Madge...:

@Telltails said in Help me (and others) keep faith in Madge...:

@GNR4LIFE said in Help me (and others) keep faith in Madge...:

@Telltails said in Help me (and others) keep faith in Madge...:

@GNR4LIFE said in Help me (and others) keep faith in Madge...:

@Telltails said in Help me (and others) keep faith in Madge...:

There is not another coach in the competition who has so much money tied up in the wrong players.Until it is rectified we are are going to be handicapped. And please don’t bring up JT because his roster at the time would run rings around this one. The one thing I think Maguire can lament is BJ - a risk that hasn’t paid off at this point.

What about the roster was better? We had Tedesco, that’s it. We also had Lovett, Rankin, Buchanan, Milone, Edwards etc.If I took your post back in time to 2016, people would be splitting their sides.

The value of Teddy to any team is immeasurable - we would be a much better team with him now. Brooks played twice as good with Teddy at the back. We had some go forward with Woods and Tapau ( whom Taylor let go for Balin) JAC Simona and Moses for speed and the nucleus of decent spine to play behind and draw other players to the club - even with the plodders.

Taupau was not here in 2016. Moses was a rookie who was on par with Brooks now. Simona wasn’t better than our current centres. current centres JAC played all of 5 games.

With the job Payten and Holbrook are doing, I wouldn’t have thought any of Maguire’s defenders would have the hide to complain about his cattle.

Simona was a great centre and at one point our winning record was dependant on when he played
JAC only player when he did because Rankin was selected ahead of him. But you can’t ignore the Teddy factor and his value to the team or any team
I will defend Maguire while our cap is the mess it’s in. As I have said numerous time I can’t see one other team in the comp that has there highest money earners as their worst contributers. When that is corrected he will be judged like all other coaches - by results. I will add the Titans pack would eat ours up and spit them out - no surprise at all how Holbrook has got them going.
As for Payten - “jobs for the boys, whiteanter” -
we could have had him, no problem with me.

Hate to break it to you, but all bar Reynolds and Packer, this is Madge’s team. He’s signed them all.

You are not breaking anything to me. Reynolds and Packer are two of our highest earners and yet they contribute squat. It’s a massive handicap and no good for balance. The players know what they are on while they cop the hidings for poor performances - these two can barely make the run on squad yet take home the big bucks.

Sorry, but it’s a cop out. Payten has had half his squad go back to NZ, and is using scraps from other clubs, and they are competing every week. But that doesn’t compare to poor Madge who has to deal with 2 players who are overpaid.

It makes it hard when all the team don’t have their oars in the water

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Will be really missed always did his job very very very rarely missed a tackle and opposition players new they were tackled