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Kevin gives 100% with his ability. Probably a player too good for state cup but not consistent or big enough for the week in week out grind of NRL. Good back up player.

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Maybe we can change his nickname fron Teddy to Victor for trying to cut someone elses grass. (LOL).
Like others have pointed out violence is not the answer. So much for Italian team morale.

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Angus Crichton would be one of the best purchases in WT history. Would have to pay well overs to get him. Thought he was the only good thing about South’s season.

Nathan Brown was huge for Parramatta this year. maybe change of clubs is what some players need.

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I rate Cronk highly and can’t understand any rugby league fan calling him a myth.

Played in 7 grand finals for 4 wins. Played over 300 games and one of the reason QLD & Aust have dominated. Not an imortal but next level down

I would perfer him to retire or play part time for the Storm than for another club.

If he goes to chooks and Pearce leaves then the fallout will outweight his class.

Will miss watching the greatest spine in league history go around week in week out.

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If there really is a salary cap and all clubs abide by it then why can easts afford Teddy and Cronk along with their other superstars.

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Can’t wait to this matter is resolved as we have bigger things for the Govt to focus on.

I voted “Yes” as IMO it is a question about human rights and I don’t believe we have the right to deprive two people of the right to get married.

Most Australians lives will not change with the decision.

The world needs more love anyway and as a proud parent you want your children no matter what sexuality they are to have equal rights.

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How this show survived 24 years has to go down as one of the world’s most baffling mysteries.

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will1999 I love NSW but watching Slater, JT, Cronk and Smith weave their magic is something I have been privileged to experience. 4 absolute champions and luck to be in the same era and team.

No JT next year but Munster will do a fine job and you also have Morgan who has become one of the game’s elite.

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Now we have to content with the Big 3 reunited for QLD now Puppet Master is playing on with the Chooks. At least Pearce can play half back three times next year.

Doesn’t matter who we pick another year of torment.

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Guns are huge business in USA. Money talks

They love their rights to bear arms.ingrained in their culture and beliefs.

17000 Americans lose the lives to gun crime each and every year so 58 is a small drop in the ocean.

ARA holds so much power and influence and is reported to be one of Trumps largest political donators.

No matter what happens and there will be more mass shootings, nothing will ever change in USA.

Blessed to live in the lucky nation.