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matt shirvington obviously not just a pretty face.maybe he is a closet wests tigers supporter.

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nick graham
adam blair

but bwaithe continues to rub our noses in it with his commentary.

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you have to be envious of the warriors big,fast wingers.

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vossy and sterling are my favs.
sometimes no commentary is good commentary-as Richie benaud practised.
and there is the mute button.

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tim paine has certainly advanced his public image in the past couple of months and would appear to be well liked by the aussie public.Paine comes across well in the media. He seems to be in the know as to who will be picked for the ashes tour.

The marsh boys,finch Maxwell and Bancroft wouldn’t have enjoyed all that runmaking by aussies in the Canberra test- they will have to go out and get a mountain of runs in the Sheffield shield as they have lost their places in the batting pecking order to burns and co.
go back two tests and we didn’t have a batsman scoring regularly - cricket is a funny game.

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great reading ,fellow forumers.well done.

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couldn’t agree more,newtown.
i dont want warner back but it seems to be a forgone conclusion hell be reinstated.
there is the difference that simona’s actions were for personal gain whilst warners actions were to benefit the team.

anyway,didnt realise that simona was on the verge of signing with souths when the you know what hit the fan.
for those who remember bob cooper,he couldnt come back after 12 months out of the game- simona,i think,needs to reinvent himself and forget about an nrl return.

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our midfield are being outplayed- aaron mooy is greatly missed

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I reckon tony mann and john Watkins were poorer than ray bright.