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The entire Wests Tigers related week in the media could well just be a distraction from the real work, and I wouldn’t put it past Lawrence to run a kamakaze line onto a short bullet pass off the field either.

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Fate may force his hand

  1. Reynolds
  2. Benji
  3. Brooks

Could be as good as our spine can be

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He could be a good hooker with his skillset but he’s just too dumb to run a team.

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We have a home game against Parramatta at WankBest coming up.

Hopefully we get the rub but we were flogged last time we came.

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Farah, Lawrence and Marshall for $300-400 grand per salary cap season seems like (Matterson and Thompson aside) the best investment we could make.

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No I am well aware of the 30 player allocation. As it stands we’ve only got 29 players this year anyway - including Farah and Marshall, and no money.

I haven’t seen any evidence of young up-and-comers who could do the job that (especially Benji) has performed this season - Tyson Gamble has hardly excelled in the Canterbury Cup since Drinkwater left - leaving us with the very real possibility of Josh Reynolds being the first-choice 5/8 for the next two years. If that is to be the case, Benji is almost certainly required as someone who can fill in during the inevitable weeks that Reynolds is unavailable.

If Gamble is seen as the future 5/8, I think he should be playing at centre in the NRL side to get some experience in the big show without the pressure of a halves position, similar to Daley or Fittler as they learnt their trades - shifting Masters to the second row (too slow as a centre) and Lawrence to the bench.

Now, if anyone wants to get all Sheenius up in here, I think Brooks should move to hooker and we look for a halfback - maybe the fellow stuck behind Nikorima at the Warriors. However that is a tale for another day.

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I don’t see the problem here. There’s nobody in the NRL who would be cheaper and better as experienced back-up players, especially two who can recall some Tiger success.

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Pretty ugly match for Tigers fans, no doubt. Our plan A was playing with some luck and with absolutely no luck we had no plan B.

Some glaring mistakes from the coach. Why not play Lawrence in reserves for a couple of games? How does a winger going off for an HIA force a complete back line reshuffle? Long-range kicking?

Their first two tries were a case of fortune favouring the brave, and really took away any momentum that our team could have wrangled back, obviously it’s safe to say that we lack the ability to wrest back lost momentum .

Can’t help but feel that WankBest Stadium is no home for us, it may suit some people who live close to it but it will never be ours.