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Grew up in Balmain loved the Tigers. Now love the WestsTigers.
First started looking at the WTF around the 03-05. Didn’t start posting till around 2011. Went by the Username Tigerdon. Having trouble logging back in under that name so started a new account.

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What a thumping

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@happy_tiger said in Alex Johnston Contract Discussion:

Alex Johnston is at this very moment showing his family and friends this thread …he has finally "made it " …35 pages long …522 posts …18.2 k views

My favourite will be the Tex Hoy Contract Discussion Thread …the name itself has to be worth 10 pages

Hi Alex and Mr and Mrs Johnston 👋🏼

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So very unlikely to be a Top 30 player unless he is a fast learner with exceptional skills

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Is he a middle or edge player?

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It will be interesting to see how Madge works the lock position. Et, Twal, Eisenhuth can all play long minutes.
The starting 2nd Rower don’t have a lot of experience but our backs ups do.

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Where the bloody hell is the PM?

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@new-smoking-gun said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

Quote Says “at this point” (lies) offer is still there and they want it, but still somehow have drawn the LONG bow of ignoring the fact that he said “at this point” Meaning that they aren’t closed off to signing him as they said tigers are. I can’t wait for January or maybe Monday.

Thanks Smokey! So how many new backs are we signing again, so exciting . LM, AJC and AJ. Is that it?

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Just noticed a 2020 update on WestsTigers.com
Still 26 players in the Top 30.

Wests Tigers 2020 NRL Squad
Alex Twal
Alex Seyfarth
Benji Marshall
Billy Walters
Chris McQueen
Chris Lawrence
Corey Thompson
David Nofoaluma
Dylan Smith
Elijah Taylor
Jacob Liddle
Josh Aloiai
Josh Reynolds
Luciano Leilua
Luke Brooks
Luke Garner
Matt Eisenhuth
Michael Chee Kam
Moses Mbye
Oliver Clark
Paul Momirovski
Robert Jennings
Russell Packer
Sam McIntyre
Thomas Mikaele
Tommy Talau

Coach: Michael Maguire

Wests Tigers 2020 Development Players
Jake Simpkin
Jock Madden
Kane Bradley
Reece Hoffman
Zac Cini

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Leilua and Garner would be great in attack our 13 will have to be a good defender

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Most new employees have to read and sign a company hand book which has company values and policies on which have to abide by in the workplace .