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Great work Rowdy

Yep. He has been good. Got us the try there with that defence.

Onya, Rowdy. In the doghouse last week and one of the best players this week.

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It is devastating to see Rowdy now compared to pre-hip injury. I reckon given his character and leadership potential that he displayed back then he wouldn’t be proud of his performance now either. Maybe he is there because there is no-one else. A really sad end.

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It was the onscreen guide which gave the wrong time, Happy, and it is set to local time. Even the guide that phyr3 has posted shows the NZ/Samoa game on at 4am WA time, but it is actually 2am, straight after the Kumul/France game. It’s a bit hit and miss. 😦

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While looking for any hint of the World Cup on Eurosports this afternoon, I had to giggle at two Rugby commentators discussing the World Cup between plays. One said, “well we can catch up with the games on Eurosport” and the other said, “actually we aren’t carrying any of the World Cup.” Nope, nor is anyone else. 😦

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I managed to see the first 20 minutes of the replay before I had to leave for work this afternoon. For most folk a Sunday arvo replay would be fine, it just sucks that for many of us who can’t stay in to watch, we cannot record. I’m going to look at installing an antenna at our shop tomorrow so we can at least get to see some games on free to air.

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Just press the "GUIDE! button on your tv remote and just go through the days to see what time what match is going to be on

I did that the first time, and that is how I missed the Australia game! Wasn’t on when the “guide” said it was. There is a replay on now but I’ve spent three hours trying to work out to record free to air hd to my hard-drive and it just won’t do it. Looks like I need to buy a new tv or miss out on most of the games. Even if Foxtel was outbid, surely they would have the right to some replays? But there is nothing. :bash

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I found a WA Regional guide for 7Mate and this is the programming they have for the next day or so. The NZ/Samoa game is listed for 2am, not 4am as the guide above and there is supposed to be an Aus/England replay shortly. Totally confused now.

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Thank you for that! I was hoping to find a replay of the Aus/England game but it looks like we miss out over here 😦 And I now know not to trust the onscreen programme guide!

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I’m tearing my hair out trying to find the World Cup on tv here in WA. I checked the onscreen 7Mate programme yesterday and found only one listing for the World Cup (no details) for 11.30pm. Turned over at 11.30 to find the Azzuri/Wales game starting and a conversation about the Aus/Pom game which had just finished. Really annoyed. I then checked the 7Mate programming for the World Cup on the internet and found a replay listed for 3.30pm today. Deduct 3 hours and that makes 12.30pm here. Nope - no World Cup. I’m getting the Ireland/Australia hybrid thing OR (and I don’t know how this works) if I view it through AV there are cooking shows and no mention of the World Cup on the onscreen menu for today.

So…any help would be appreciated. Where are the games and which programming is right?

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It was a bit disappointing to see Benji’s reaction during the post match press conference when Potter was asked whether he would last out next week.

I was stunned to see the smirk Benji gave when Potter responded to a question as to whether he would still be coaching next week. I don’t know if the smirk was a response to Mick’s reply or was a reaction to something else happening in the room but it was either poor form or poor timing.