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Well what a convenient narrative…

It may well be true. The decision to hold the BLM march was irresponsible.

But, I’ve only seen this report in The Australian and I just don’t trust the Murdoch press. It is a well known manipulator of the news to further it’s owner’s particular political ideologies.

The last report I heard from The Vic Dept of Health (Prof. Brett Sutton) was that the genome of the viruses tested to date
all relate to the quarantine outbreak and that this particular genome wasn’t present in Australia at the time of the BLM marches. I haven’t heard any update on that advice.

So, as I say, it may be true but personally I’ll wait to hear it from the Health Dept or from a more reliable news source than Rupert’s empire.

It is being reported more widely, all the same story vaguely stating… “Health officials confirm…”

This is from the Daily Telegraph (also a Murdoch paper):

"It comes as two protesters who attended the Black Lives Matter rally have had their COVID-19 cases linked to the outbreak in Melbourne’s public housing towers.

Health authorities have confirmed the link without saying if the protesters lived, visited or were close contacts of those in the towers, The Australian reports.

The public housing cluster has seen at least 242 cases.

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton previously said it was unlikely the protesters caught the virus at the rally in Melbourne’s CBD which was attended by 10,000 people on June 6.

The link does not necessarily mean the protesters were the original source of the public housing tower outbreak, which is the state’s largest cluster to date."

So, a bit more truthful (unusual for the Tele, but there you go). The incubation period of the virus is normally up to about 14 days. The BLM march was on June 6.

I don’t get how several big towers with many apartments can have so many people all get sick.

Is it shared living, where they share kitchens and such? If they are self-contained units, then I would have thought a lot of people would normally not have much to do with their neighbours.

Did it get into the ventilation or something?

I believe they have shared laundries?

Ah okay, that’d make sense.

Not to mention small and inadequate elevator numbers, which one would expect to be a perfect transmission opportunity.

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@tigger said in Coronavirus Outbreak:

The interesting thing about The Australian article is that it is probably 100% accurate whilst at the same time possibly being totally misleading.

I’m sure that most people who read that article will think that these irresponsible people went to the BLM march, caught Covid 19 and then spread it through this Melbourne tower block. But of course the article doesn’t say that. It says this:

“Health authorities have confirmed a link between two COVID-19 cases in people who attended the Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne and the public housing tower cluster.”

So, some people who went to the BLM march ultimately contracted Covid 19 somewhere and they live in, or are linked to people who live in, the Melbourne tower block.

Now, I can’t get through the pay wall to see if that article contains anything more specific but if anyone here can, I’m quite happy to be corrected.

In the meantime I’ll rely on the statements made by Prof. Brett Sutton that the genome of the virus detected in this latest outbreak was not present in Australia at the time of the BLM march.

No ambiguity in that statement.

Just do a Google search on the words in the above link, then you should be able to read it after removing the subscription pop up. You will then find as you suspected, in that it is just a further episode of an unsubstantiated narrative to their flock.

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@weststigerman said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Maybe it’s just me but I’d take Sue over Clarke or Seyfarth any day of the week.

Can’t imagine Maguire copping Sue’s lack of work around the ruck for more than one game.

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Nobody who has been to Liverpool or Campbelltown in the previous 14 days will be allowed into Queensland from midday today (14/7)

How do you prove you haven’t been to either of those locations?

Those infected Vics were at Kurnell and Caringbah even though their Premier requested they not travel.

Apparently travellers into Queensland claimed they were not in Victoria. Boarder people checked their mobile phones data which retains/identifies your location movements history.
Showed that the6 were in fact from/in Victoria so They were turned back on that basis.

Yep, big brother has been able to watch for a good while now.

The 18 that have come forward for testing in QLD and likely more that also visited that particular pub, on top of the ADF personnel and my testing experience, again amplified the potential spread of this virus.

Edit; As for those lying to get across the borders, turning them back without fining them is too lenient for mine, as they have already been shown as irresponsible for attempting it in the first place.

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Geez there is some crap flying around here this morning, the wind must be blowing peoples minds.

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@Harvey said in Coronavirus Outbreak:

I am not far from the crossroads hotel, once it reopens expect the crowd to return.

They are having a grand reopening special, a case of 24 Corona’s for only $30.

Pick me up a couple will ya 🙂

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@Geo said in Coronavirus Outbreak:

Surprised the Crossroads has never been that popular…

Not sure, as I didn’t even know the name until they alluded to it this morning, only that there was a problem with a Casula pub. All I can add to it is that of maybe twenty people max that we saw during our testing visit, at least two separate individuals had been there last week.

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Took a break from the medal search this morning to take my ticking more and more of the boxes by the day son and myself to get tested for the virus at the Wyong hospital Covid 19 clinic. Whilst in the line, one of a pair of guys in front was on the phone and talking about being there because he had been at the Crossroads hotel and developed a cough and sore throat.

A little while later when sitting awaiting the pre test interview, the guy adjacent to us also answered that he had been to the Crossroads, which is now one of their standard questions, though he was asymptomatic. I made a comment about having heard both of them during my interview and whilst not given numbers, was told that there had already been a “hell of a lot” through both yesterday and this morning.

Showed directly to me just how easily it could spread across regions, with many here in the northern Central Coast getting testing after visiting an indoor venue such as this pub in South West Sydney.

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@pawsandclaws1 said in Mitchells worse than BJ:

You play a more attacking style of football I believe the referees are more likely to rule in your favour. Something we need to examine with recruitment especially fast backs.

Putting aside some much needed pace, particularly now with a good though reasonably pedestrian fullback, we definitely need to throw more motion and some earlier width at our opponents for mine.

As to the suspensions, I thought they got them about right, but ten in the bin for Mitchell was also warranted.

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Garner is still developing. He has only played 28 games and is 24 years of age. He has shown enough glimpses in every department to suggest he could be a top quality player. Maybe one level below a rep player. If we persist with him he will turn good. Otherwise, I could quite easily see him ripping it up at another club. He’s the exact type of player the Roosters would turn into a gun - a player another club couldn’t be bothered properly developing.

He made one of our only line breaks the other night . And he looked dangerous every time he had the ball. His defence needs work , but that’s more training than anything . He was a back most of his juniors wasn’t he ?

He’s a hole runner, so switch Luke back to the left with his namesake now Joey Leilua is suspended and along with the team, they will both prosper together, as will those outside as the defence follows him in.