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I can see many people on here still giving it to the club for not having a major signing yet…I tend to sit back and wait until something positive is released by the club,when that is,I don’t know…
From seeing what is going on atm,I honestly believe that Madge and co don’t want to make the same mistakes like in the past;I also believe that with so many young guys in the system atm,Madge seems to want to create from within…I remember when we had some great young players when Sheens was here and he got that legend Gareth Ellis to the club,that was great…maybe Madge is working on the same formula as it seems to work for us…just my opinion though…

The biggest mistake is to do nothing, even a poor mistake is an attempt to fix the problem we have. But saying this, we just need to limit our exposure, spending $500k to attempt to fix a significant hole is in my view, worth it.

Doing nothing fixes nothing

Matulino, McQueen, Reynolds, Packer and Jennings can be classified As our recent costly mistakes. And for me we can perhaps add Mbye and Taylor to that list. Having Smith and McIntyre also clogging up our $s and top 30 list sure begs a question … how many costly mistakes can we afford to make.

Matulino gave this club plenty and played nearly every game until injury ended his career, so very unfair to label him as a costly mistake.

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ET makes way, Grub on bench.

Reckon that would be a huge mistake, as Elijah has held our middle together for the past month, getting through a mountain of work in all aspects and particularly the one percentage plays.

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Brooks has been playing for years now and has never consistently controlled the side. Blame on Farah and others can only go so far. Brooks has shown no ability in being able to control a side. Why do people still expect that from him now? His 5/8 partner should be the one to control and be the organiser. Brooks strength is defence, running at holes and getting the ball away quickly to others.

Yet with Farah still there until late in the season, the figures below show that Luke still managed to control the side.

1st for line engaging
6th for try assists
5th for kick metres
14th all runs
5th for support runs
17th for ball received including hookers (3rd for halves)

And that was on top of being halfback of the year in the season prior. Hmmmm, inconsistent?

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We are getting run roughshod over through the middle and forward edges and have only had some one third of the ball, so they want to blame the halfback. Yeah right.

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Sharon has been shoved aside by Sterlo as unworthy of a mention.

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Character aside, what would Tetevano cost?

Potentially many female (and some male) members or supporters and their children for a start. WT should also ditch the pink jersey and all womens promotions as well, as our credibility would be gone.

I don’t care how good a player is, if he attacks women, particularly one that loves him and more than once, he is not welcome at my team.

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I am outspoken on violence towards women and generally don’t want a bar of them being at my club. Had Zane’s actions been more serious, no way would I want him here and still don’t particularly want him. However, he has had his days in court, been convicted of relatively minor indiscretion and served penance of a year out of the game, so I will accept him to the side.

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Taylor deserved that, as he has gotten through a mountain of work.

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Don’t know what NRL video many of you guys were watching, as I seem to have seen someone/something very different.

I saw (and heard) a Latrell that had already finished with the chooks and was just going back to discuss things mano a mano and go through the motions to fulfil his contractual commitments until his release. If there were tears, it was just the memories and closeness achieved in their successful journey coming out.

I still see plenty of passion in the bloke and his genuine love for his extended family, which is part of cultural community. A community that extends to players of similar heritage and something that sadly, is often lacking in our commodity driven western culture.

Would rather be writing this for a dedicated thread, but still more than happy to welcome him at my footy club. A player that enjoys footy and not another robotic athlete.

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Thanks and thoughts go out to all the firies out there battling these blazes, particularly the three injured around Bargo whilst protecting us this afternoon.

Two airlifted to hospital with severe burns and another transported with lesser injury.

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Where was this Ivan, when at WT we were consistently getting laid all over in the ruck week on week?

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Injury can cruel careers. Matulino played his hardest every week would have been one of the best props of the last decade if he was fit. Left a big hole upfront.

We went better without him imo

Not early.

He was very solid for us, especially defensively. I feel we would have had a much better chance at making the finals had he stayed healthy.

Yeah, did no worse than hold his own, plus had the quickest play the ball in our middle and also the biggest hitter in defence amongst them right up until his last minute of footy.

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I will spell it out for you as clearly as possible.

And now Magpiecol I will spell it out as clearly as possible for you.

A referee is not allowed to reverse a call during play, as it is a rule, not open to interpretation and that is why there is uproar. Instead of building a bridge, like your mate, through Annesley, the NRL have tried to build a wall, when openness and truth was required.

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Equal when then the fulltime shooter sounds and a point each. Just how it should always be in every competition match.

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There is plenty of crap on here, which some may also include this post as being amongst them, but geez, I would have to search long and hard to match the several preceding pages.