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[Hooper Warning]
Madge talking about recruitment approach
“We need to be clear about not making the same mistakes this club’s made in the past,” Maguire said.

“We’re in the process of making major changes but we need to be smart about how we make those changes.

“The position our salary cap is in at the moment, we need to get players’ values spot on.

“We want to give players the best opportunity to build something here at Wests Tigers that hasn’t been here at the club for some time.

“We’ve got a great young squad, now we just need to be patient about making the right decisions around who we bring into the club next.

“We won’t be just spending money for the sake of spending it.

“I’d rather take my time and focus on building the club from the ground up. We’ll be diligent about making the right decisions.”

And if we sign Josh Hoffmann , he looks like a total idiot (and yes I left a word out )

What do you have against Canterbury Cup signings. ?

Because it is an attempt to cover over the fact no one worth two bob wants to play NRL here

Play it out whatever way you like …and the comments by Maguire back that up

People seem to think we have had two months to sign players for 2020 …we’ve had since November 2018 and the best we have come up with is Leilua

If people aren’t questioning where the club is at right now …they never will

Except that we had no cap space until the triple M’s were released or medically retired, so things are still fresh and plenty of negotiations afoot.

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G’day guys,

Hope you’re all well. I did a podcast with Dene Halatau if your interested in hearing some old Tiger yarns to fill in your off season. Let me know if you want the link and ill post it up. Topics covered are below


2:45 - Hello Halatau
3:15 - Early days in New Zealand
4:44 - Moving to Australia
5:35 - Shifting from house to house growing up
6:55 - Learning about his New Zealand heritage
7:55 - Gary Freeman and growing up as a Tigers fan
9:06 - Junior footy
9:51 - Wentworthville Magpies and Ringrose Park
10:39 - Moving to the Merrylands Rams
11:33 - Becoming a jack of all trades
13:15 - Westfield sports high and deceiding to have a real crack
13:45 - Making Parramatta Eels junior reps
17:53 - Being cut by Parra
20:05 - Moving to Balmain
23:11 - Work ethic
25:45 - Arrive Alive Cup
26:30 - School
26:55 - Debuting in Reserve Grade at 17
28:02 - Nerves and anxiety
30:48 - Being noticed by Tim Sheens
35:52 - His first grade debut
38:54 - Benji Marshall
42:01 - Developing into a premiership force
44:55 - Moving to lock for the finals series in 2005
48:04 - Pre game sleep overs with Benji and Robbie
51:10 - 2005 Grand Final
52:45 - Pat Richards and that try
54:15 - Becoming a life member of the Tigers
55:29 - Interest in mental health and developing post footy
1:02:55 - How he got the nickname ‘Toppa’
1:04:05 - His favourite try
1:05:10 - Funniest team mate
1:06:05 - 5 people he would invite to a private dinner party

A link would be nice, thanks.

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rheumatoid arthritis

I suffer from Osteo Arthritis, but geez, things must be a lot worse for you. I remember a young lady I fancied a few decades ago and her hands were suffering terribly in only her mid twenties.

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Wests Tigers have cranked up their recruitment drive by meeting Canberra giant Joey Leilua on Monday and completing the finer details on a contract they will offer Adam Doueihi in the next 48 hours.

Leilua met with club boss Justin Pascoe and coach Michael Maguire about swapping Canberra for Concord, despite having a year to run on his deal at the Green Machine.
Joey Leilua could be joining his younger brother Luciano at Wests Tigers this year.

The Tigers signed Joey’s younger brother Luciano for this season and are desperate to beef up their stocks in the outside backs.

Leilua, who stands to earn about $700,000 this season in his final year at Canberra, was already told he would not be offered a deal in 2021, and could do it tough to nail down his starting right-centre spot now Curtis Scott had arrived from Melbourne.

While the Tigers are yet to offer Leilua a deal, their pursuit of Doueihi is expected to get more serious in the coming days.

The Tigers have about $800,000 in their cap and can easily accommodate both this year.

South Sydney coach Wayne Bennett informed Doueihi last week he was free to pursue a starting fullback spot elsewhere, especially with Latrell Mitchell to be given first crack at No.1.

Doueihi was given his start in the NRL by former Souths coach Maguire and signed with the Rabbitohs at the time because of their lack of depth in the halves. The chance to be Benji Marshall’s long-term five-eighth understudy also has appeal.

Having the 190cm right-footed Doueihi and left-footed halfback Luke Brooks as the playmakers would seriously excite Tigers fans in future years.

Marshall, 35, next month, is held in such high regard at the club that Tigers officials are more than happy to entertain the idea of him playing on again should he feel physically and mentally fresh at the end of the season.

The Tigers have three spots to fill on their roster, and have not given up hope of luring teen prop Stefano Utoikamanu away from Parramatta a year early.

In Doueihi’s case, the big sticking point for any move will continue to be money, especially with the Lebanon international on a back-ended deal and collecting more than $500,000 this season, then over $600,000 next year.

Souths have already told Doueihi they are happy for him to see out the final two years, and they can accommodate him in their cap, but his best hope of playing could be off the bench.

Doueihi, a second cousin of dumped Wallabies coach Michael Cheika, had interest from the Waratahs before he signed his first NRL deal, but a return to the 15-man code was not on his radar.

"Rugby hasn’t been discussed as an option,’’ Doueihi’s agent Sam Ayoub said on Monday night.

In the space of a week or so, Joey has gone from 600k to 700k and WT from over 1M in cap to now 800k in cap 🧐

And yet, It also states that WT can afford both, so go figure.

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I can see many people on here still giving it to the club for not having a major signing yet…I tend to sit back and wait until something positive is released by the club,when that is,I don’t know…
From seeing what is going on atm,I honestly believe that Madge and co don’t want to make the same mistakes like in the past;I also believe that with so many young guys in the system atm,Madge seems to want to create from within…I remember when we had some great young players when Sheens was here and he got that legend Gareth Ellis to the club,that was great…maybe Madge is working on the same formula as it seems to work for us…just my opinion though…

The biggest mistake is to do nothing, even a poor mistake is an attempt to fix the problem we have. But saying this, we just need to limit our exposure, spending $500k to attempt to fix a significant hole is in my view, worth it.

Doing nothing fixes nothing

Matulino, McQueen, Reynolds, Packer and Jennings can be classified As our recent costly mistakes. And for me we can perhaps add Mbye and Taylor to that list. Having Smith and McIntyre also clogging up our $s and top 30 list sure begs a question … how many costly mistakes can we afford to make.

Matulino gave this club plenty and played nearly every game until injury ended his career, so very unfair to label him as a costly mistake.

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I know he has a huge long distance kicking game

I wonder how this attribute will effect the threat value of having someone at the back, that is capable of occasionally nailing 20/40 kicks under the new rule.

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Haven’t heard of that movie and I like many film genres, including one’s with war settings. Whilst I enjoy the plot and visual aspects, over the years my favourite part of movies has moved more and more into the audio aspect. The best part is that the Xbox console we got for our son’s gaming, also acts as a reasonable 4K player and streaming box, plus Atmos sound transport.

The surround sound effects improved a lot over the years to have been very good for the past decade or so, with the new immersive height codecs taking it to another level. They are to the point now, that a realistic cinema like experience can be enjoyed at home, with as little as 7 speakers and a couple of subwoofers.

Funny thing, is now that it has reached to such a high level, more and more people are now buying soundbars, which even if many thousands are spent on them to buy the best, they are still poor at transporting the tremendous array of available sound.

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Understand where you’re coming from, however do we really wanna continue paying on potential or should we look to buy polished players who have proven they can perform consistently week in week out
Doueihi showed some promise for a few weeks, so now we offer him 500k?
Would prefer to wait for a specialist fullback to become available, we need to be patient in terms of spending this money just like the bulldogs seem to be doing
Also, you’re acting like there’s no downside when there really is it’s not like they’re coming on a 1 year deal, they will wanna come for about 3 years and we’re stuck with them if they don’t perform

We’ve tried buying polished players but haven’t been successful in landing anyone. That comes later. For now we have to do the best we can with what money we have.

The salary cap in 2020 is $9.5m. That means that Doueihi, our starting fullback and future 5/8 when Benji retires, is taking up only 5% of the cap. I think his price tag reflects the fact that he only played 10 or so games last year. If he had played the whole season, his price tag might be significantly higher.

Also, let’s remember we have offered Stefano near $300k per season and he’s a forward who has NEVER played an NRL game. $500k for a 21 year old spine player is not a lot to spend. We need to stop thinking about value for money all the time and focus purely on quality and talent. It’s the only way we are ever going to have on field success.

Can see both sides and still uncertain, so squarely on the fence.

Does anybody here know how many Top 30 positions the bunnies have filled?

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I think a lot of people on this forum are going of half cocked about us having a dominant forward pack, I think we need to see how the go after 6-8 weeks before we start crowing.

Our forwards are probably where we’re strongest. We’re not the strongest pack in the comp but we’re a long way from the worst.

It is pretty obvious and that is why we have a busy 1 - 5 concerns thread and nothing particular for our pack.

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So much for us being the preferred destination for JAC.

Did anyone really know that for a fact or was it just a guess because he was a club junior?

A mod said he knew it as a fact.

Willow said it

Apparently the Dogs have offered him a Motza. You can’t hold Willow to that unfortunate change in circumstances.

I’d rather see him at rorters than dog’s

And no I’m not holding willow to anything

Respect him very much

You can only post what you hear and he doesn’t come on here to stir things up

I was just stating that he reported WT as JAC preferred destination so there probably is still some hope

Hey, no problem. I realise that 99% of posts here are opinion. I think what’s going wrong for us is that players have this perception we are desperate and as such are only prepared to move for a significant pay rise. I think we reinforced that view with our handling of the Mitchell negotiations.
More recently Pascoe has affirmed that’s the case by trying to turn it around by giving the media “we won’t pay overs”. IMO

It will take time but Madge will fix this place

I think we will all be surprised as the year progresses at how well we are improving

I just hope it equates to wins and not lots of close losses

What do you see as Madge’s immediate areas of concern? What would you like fixed?

I think our forwards hold up quite well in most games

We just struggle to put points when our forwards lay the foundation that should lead to points

That costs us massively

I think with Madge as coach and our young forwards with another off season under him and Musgrove and LL joining us we will go much better this year which is the opposite to most posters on here who think we will go backwards

I think we could use maybe one more big name forward but wouldn’t just take anyone as they would need to be a big step up on what we have or not worth worrying about

As most can see on here I think we really need some strike out wide to finish off our forwards hard work

I don’t think the forwards get the rewards from our backline they deserve

I think if we had the player’s out wide to put the points on the board they would go to another level as they would be getting rewarded for their hardwork

We have players like Garner who do so well running of Brooks

Imagine LM outside him and than Brooks has the choice of Garner (who does well without an explosive back outside him) and LM to pass it to

It would have defences on the back foot

And Benji

It’s probably his last year

He still creates so much space and so many options for support plays but he I s going to play his last year with no one explosive running off him

So explosive outside backs who can points on the board, who can win the race to grubbers in goal, who can have defences in 2 minds, who can score length of field tries

Douhei would be good as we don’t really have a fullback although he isn’t explosive he is better than what we have and would be a ball playing fullback which would create oppotunitities

Xerri would be amazing but isn’t going to happen

So that pretty much leaves AJ and JAC

Both explosive pace who can score length of field tries and win the race to a ball but won’t create oppotunitities or be the fullback or centre running outside Garner when he is running Brooks

Strongly agree with virtually all of this post.