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@happy tiger:


I read the 4yr ban is an ASADA ban and is worlwide. Theyre facing some real consequenses even if its just possesion.

But the ASADA ban would only include finding it in your system wouldn’t it ??

No, ASADA apparently can suspend you for trafficking/possesion.

As Sandor Earl would confirm.

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Sadly, you are not alone.

I received an auto renewal notice in say November(?) via email and have been getting the regular member notices since.

However, when I rang them a couple of weeks or so ago after not receiving the kit delivery notification, I was dismayed to find that I/we were not members. Apparently I was a “primary” member for a mate that did get automatically renewed.

Though I regularly check the balance of my accounts, as I spend a fair amount via credit cards each month, particularly on one card that requires an SMS code to delve further, it is not an amount that I would normally take notice of. As such, I had no idea that there was a problem.

I hope that our kits arrive before round five or so, again 😒

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Crowd numbers were always going to struggle, firstly against the live showing of games on Pay TV and more recently also on channel nine. It still has some bearing on whether or not we attend, even though as members we have already paid for our match seats.

In my case it also took more than a decade before I finally became a member of the club that I was half forced to follow at the end of last century. Only went to half a dozen or so WT matches during that period, though would have gone to about the same number of Grand Finals and SOO matches.

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Good on all of you that went to the game and got behind the boys last night. Most on here attend at least a few games a year and would probably get to more if things like weather, distance and/or life’s other commitments allowed. place the decision not to attend was arrived at because the club was providing the live stream coverage, and even with the free entry that was enough to tip the balance away from staying at homes favour, as my son was still getting over a bug.

I am fairly tech illiterate so I have no real thoughts on who is to blame, but someone needs to be held accountable, particularly as it pretty well coincides with the public release of the club’s plan, which includes ambitious social media targets.

I may be a dinosaur in some people’s eyes as I am approaching fifty and remember dialing the huge old Bakelite phones, but In this day and age I as part of a target audience expect us to be able to see a stream that is aimed in our direction.

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I would not mind if Nate (I lead with my head) Myles was out of the match for whatever reason. He and Bird make a good pair of grubs.

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Have to say Keefy did very well from what i saw , i just hope he has more minutes in him once he came of in the 1st half , the Defence got loose around the ruck.

Just a normal match, as history shows ithe ruck is regularly “loose” when Keefy goes to the bench.

His time is coming to an end, but he is still a vital cog in the side.

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Consistency is where we have been lacking, too often when things don’t go our way we have thrown in the towel. It is JT’s job to punish that attitude, like other coaches do.

Do you think that he of multiple nicknames threw in the towel as well, or is merely guilty by association?

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I assume that like many, I chose not to go along tonight as a live stream was being provided. Sadly, like many others, did not get to see much of the game, apart from a stuttering video for about fifteen minutes or so.

What stood out for me though was the performance of the main target of those using the term “plodder” on here of late. I cannot comment on the rest of the game, but for mine, Keefy was our best during my limited viewing. Sauce had a spring back in his step, seemingly having put his foot and toe problems to bed and had his old pace (however limited) back.

He is our defensive rock in the middle.

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It has been more than thirty years since I was taught it in History class Happy, but I am pretty sure that the partition of India, and as such the creation of Pakistan, was part of the independence from the British in 1947.

Maybe you can point out otherwise.

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It is a lot more complicated than simply religion Happy, they only exist as separate countries (and play cricket) because they were colonised.