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Alright Latrell, you just made the list.


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We pretty much did what this thread is whinging about Under Cleary 2-3 years ago and we rushed out and panic bought Packer, Matulino, Reynolds and Mbye (you could probably throw in McQueen, but he was a Taylor signing). At least now it seems like the club is taking due diligence when making signings and it seems to me that we’ve invested in some of the best youth in the game. I’m far more excited about Simpkin, Hoffman, Madden, Cini, Seyfarth, Talau and the big lad from Parra than I would be about signing a mercenary coming for a superannuation boost and an early retirement.

We’ve got money to spend. I’d much rather the club take their time and make the right signings, rather rhan blowing their wad on the first player to pop up.

After 20 years I know it’s hard to be patient. But these things take time.

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Rise of Skywalker did the best it could after Johnson trashed every single plot point he could. He pretty much left Abrams at a dead end. Disney have fired multiple directors of Star Wars films for far less. I don’t know how The Last Jedi was allowed to proceed the way it did.

ROS felt a little rushed, like it was it’s own trilogy and had to fit everything in.

My main issue with the sequel trilogy is the lack of respect shown to both Mark Hamill and Luke Skywalker.

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@pawsandclaws1 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

I am most disappointed we missed out on Scott. Yes I know he has his share of problems but he is significantly ahead of any centre option we have not including Talau who is staring is NRL career. With all this money to spend, we should have been all over him. We have to get Lomax this year or else our backline stocks are poor.

Scott is a trainwreck waiting to happen off the field. Talented footballer, but he’d be eaten alive by the Sydney media.

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@weststigerman said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Not sure why everyone hates Milf. He’s not the player you want at halfback, but as a runner and instinct ball player, there is not many better than him. Creates something out of nothing almost every game.

Milford is the kind of player who promises the world and delivers an atlas.

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Milford is far too similar to Mbye. I don’t like the idea of having them both in the side.

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I honestly believe it will just take one domino to fall and it will spark a huge merry-go-round of signings. I wish that there was a transfer/trade window. It would generate a lot of interest and exposure for the game even potentially in a positive light. It would be infinitely better than the garbage that is being thrown about by Mitchell’s management and others at different times throughout the year.

Either way we’re in a good position. Money in the bank and time to think carefully about who we sign.

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He might be able to borrow a mental health card from Mitch Moses. I can’t see the Eels forcing him to stay if he wants out.

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I think sometimes we take for granted how good our forum is. Having a look at the Kennel and the Manly forum makes you grateful for the job the mods do here. I’d have no desire to join the Kennel if I were a dogs fan.