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Hi @THE_POM who do you think is going to be no.1 next year if Laurie does not get the early release?

Most Likely Mbye if Laurie can’t be secured earlier.

Thanks for that even though I’m worried having Mbye there. Would love to see Kepaoa having a go at no.1

The thing that worries me about Kepaoa at the back is he is suspect under high balls just as much as mbye is. I’m sure he is working on it but he was tested during the year and had issues with them. Mbye did have his best game at fullback last year. So maybe start with Mbye at 1 and AJ on the wing until he gets confidence in that aspect and then move him to the 1 and mbye at 14 unless we get Laurie

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I was about to read the article and then noticed slothfield was quoted so closed it immediately

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With Ofahengaue looking very likely, I thought I may as well do a potential lineup for next year and here’s the one I’ve come up with

  1. Daine Laurie* / Moses Mbye

  2. David Nofoaluma

  3. Joey Leilua

  4. James Roberts

  5. Asu Kepaoa

  6. Adam Doueihi

  7. Luke Brooks

  8. James Tamou

  9. Jake Simpkin / Jacob Liddle

  10. Alex Twal

  11. Luciano Leilua

  12. Shawn Blore

  13. Joe Ofahengaue

  14. Tommy Talau

  15. Thomas Mikaele

  16. Zane Musgrove

  17. Stefano Utoikamanu

I’ve went with an unpopular choice of having Talau coming off the bench. Mainly because of his versatility from 1-6 and the ability to be a roaming lock, similar to Stephen Crichton for the Panthers earlier in the year

The outside backs really excite me. There’s some young talent mixed with the experience. I’m tipping Brooks to have the best year of his career now that he can take control of the team without having Benji. It’ll certainly help him with the forward pack we’re building. Doueihi at 5/8 will be very good to watch. For me he would play a similar style to Jack Wighton there. Simpkin and Liddle would have to be the favourites for the hooker role as it stands which does excite me. Fingers crossed we can get Daine Laurie a year early

Good review however a few points of form last season.

  1. Mybe - His form overall not great
  2. Joey Leilua - Other Centres Talau/Momo
  3. Roberts and BJ - Both defensive liabilities
  4. Brooks - Nil excuses not to step up anymore
  5. Twal - Very average last season - prefer Bench

Would fit Garner in there somewhere runs gores lines and can sniff out a try could be a good utility player option.

To be fair to Twal, he was injured a lot of last season.

Was’nt there a big Article about Twal coming back from lock down the fittest he has ever been.

You need forwards that can defend but also break the line and will of the opposition, I am not sure that Twal is that type of player - One stat despite a number of appearances never scored a try. Really not my call just an observation i think the Club hyped up his D and he was fairly average last season.

He was killing it before he was injured. He played long minutes, made 40 tackles without missing and was running well over 100 metres a game playing lock. People forget how good he was going because his finish to the season was not as good - but the whole team finished poorly. He will have a big 2021.

Eh … our attack was rubbish with him at 13. He’s a strong boy , who’s clearly been brought up playing percentage football , as he gets his arm free a fair bit but doesn’t take the offload available . Joe O would be a better 13 . Twal should move back to the front row where he is better served IMO. Having a big mobile 13 is what Madge prefers , but NQ have the biggest in the game and he can get a pass away . Twal needs to work on his ball skills to stay in lock.

A lot of our forwards had opportunities to offload at times the biggest problem in that department was there was no support players following through it felt like most of the time it was one out stuff

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Guys you are legends thank you the 05 games are especially hard to get

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I still don’t believe that it’s purely a $$ thing. Clearly Aloiai is unhappy with the club about something. Yeh it could be the money, but somewhere we are letting our players down. It could be the lack of success, frustration at changes, frustration at not getting TPAs, lack of assistance outside of footy anything. I do deal with Pacific Islanders at my job and one thing I’ve realised is that they value a lot of other things over money. It’s definitely a generic statement but we really need to have a very deep look inside our structures.

I don’t entirely disagree that something may be amiss on the good ship Tigers; however, if you are unhappy you don’t have a chuck and dummy spit like a 2 year-old in the supermarket when Mummy won’t buy you an ice-cream. You talk about it to try and resolve it and if you can’t you move on.
Even if you have made a decision to move on, you inform them in a courteous manner not by throwing them under the bus. We seem to have had a few that think that’s the way to go. I’m so happy the club has fired back in a sensible manner and hope they stick to their guns.

110% agree that Aloiai has handled it unprofessionally compared to us. The only blight would be Lee has come out all guns blazing whereas he should’ve gone behind the back and met with PVL. It should’ve all been done behind closed doors.

I’m talking more about the pattern. People seem to think that people are walking over us because they think we’re weak. That might be part of it, but the main reason is players are unhappy here. They either come here for the money or to get a foot in the door for an easy spot at first grade. Yesterday it was MM/Teddy/Woods/Matterson, today it’s JA and tomorrow it might be AD. Taking a stance like this is a great way to fight this situation but it’s not a long term solution to player’s unhappiness or displeasure with the WT.

Funny how only weeks ago Josh never wanted to play anywhere else. You are fooling yourself if you don’t think this about money.

I agree it is most likely about the money. I personally have no issue with him trying to get a big $ contract my issue is with the way he has gone about trying to get the early release and the tactics he and his manager are using including using his mate on this forum to try and sell us all a sob story. It is also very suspect that he and AFB have the same agent it makes me wonder if this was presented to manly when they released AFB in the first place

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Well considering he is part chilean, part hondurian and played soccer until he found league was his game he probably could but no he is not a goal kicker.

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I was talking to my nephew today he was set to trial at a few clubs for HM including Tigers, roosters and sharks apparently the only one of these clubs that did not cancel their trials out of these clubs were the sharks obviously due to covid. Just thought I’d post this in case anyone was wondering about juniors trialling for next year

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Spoke to Josh today and showed him what I posted.

Mate - I’d just delete those posts. I like Aloiai and I don’t think this publicity is good for him. It’s personal information on a public forum. Top player and I hope he stays. If he goes good luck to him.

He’s well aware the posts on here. Club’s meeting with him and management this week and I hope they can all resolve it.

I hope they resolve it. Tell him he is a legend and he should stay. Awesome player and he comes across as a good guy.

I’ll let him know. The last thing I want to do is make anyone on the forum uncomfortable. I’ll delete my original post.

Just a question in multiple posts you mentioned the 24 hour deadline and in others you have mentioned that WTs made the approach and that negotiations have been dragged out do we know how long they were dragged out before the deadline was given?
Not doubting your info and I hope things get worked out for Josh but it does feel like it’s become common practice that if negotiations are stalling that deadlines are given by most clubs although I can’t remember a 24 hour one from the top of my head

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@mike said in SOO II 2020 *Spoilers:

Freddy is delusional “in both games we defended well and came home strong”. Was he asleep during SOO game one. Game one was the exact opposite.

I once saw him having a conversation with a litteral puppet as the footy show was going to commercial and all the other panel members were chatting to each other I kid you not. It really happened

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We’ve score two on our right side so now we keep going left with no result

Tupou always seems to be a step or two behind on that left side although he is playing better than last week atm. Jake T is hitting anything that moves hope they can keep it up in the 2nd half