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I was looking to purchase 20 Campbelltown memberships for the Magpies Fanatics but they haven’t answered their phone all day. When the phone rings out, theres not a voice recording or a transfer. Not sure if they are on holidays….

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My wife and her whole family were Balmain supporters. The older members of her family including her, have no interest anymore. The nieces and my kids all go for Wests, although my 6 year old is quickly becoming a Magpies fan, as they are the games we go and watch consistently.

I also admit than when I got married in 2008 that I wore WT boxers.

I have tried many times to convince my wife to come to a game OR watch the footy on TV, but she is just not interested. I would love it if we had the footy as a common interest.

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I think my Western Suburbs membership should count. Afterall, it won’t be too long before the Magpies own the joint venture.,

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It will be sad to see the Balmain Tigers cease to exist next year. The people responsible for the mess regarding their leagues club development have basically destroyed a foundation club.

Is any of the money raised going to the Save Balmain fund ?

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The only thing better for LO is that they have 2 Sunday arvo games. In saying that the opponents they have remind me of what CO got last year , 3 interstate teams. I still believe the crowd figures will also reflect how we are going (as in winning games)

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I still feel that if the Macarthur district is ignored another club will market their team the right way and steal a lot of supporters and dollars.

Without dragging the crowd attendances into this, the Macarthur area is a footy mad & footy starved area. Get WT winning some games and they will come. Concorde is not the answer.

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Apart from the missing Magpie the only other issue as someone else mentioned it the colour, particularly the black. There should be an mostly white with some black and orange on it for the heat.

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Stop with this Magpies nonsense, we’re one team. The TIGERS.
It’s different but I’m more worried about how we play in the nines.

If they removed the Tiger would you think that is OK too ? Part of the JV agreement is that the Magpie is to be on the jerseys.

So stop with the “Stop the Magpies nonsense” Previously apologies have had to be made for ‘forgetting’ the Magpie !

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This must be a joke. Where is the Magpie ?

Seriously, why is the Magpie missing. Not good enough. Time for a quick email to Mr Mayer.