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A lot of people don’t rate this guy much…

IMO he made a big difference tonight…1st fair dinkum game in nearly 8 months… much maligned Matt Eisenhuth…made a big difference to the middle in defence and linked well with some passing as a middle forward…something we have been missing… goal line defence was impeccable …

Made good metres after contact as well…

Welcome back Huth…

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Maguire is keeping the right one’s (Garner Twal Mikaele Talau) investing in youth in the right areas (Simpkin Hoffman Cini Utoikamanu) and not paying overs for over rated players who haven’t proven anything…

While still carrying bad contracts from previous recruitment and attempting to get the best from them

Oh ooops…the sky is falling…

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I’m quite happy to lock this thread…if the swings and round-a-bouts continue…

DV is a serious issue for all…if you want to debate it further by all means do but start a thread on the issue in the General discussion sub forum…everyone is entitled to a say…

Yes Tetavano is a rumoured signing the debate over his past can be done in a dedicated thread…

Leave this thread for the discussion of suggestions and rumours …thank you

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Anyone who punches Dylan Walker in the face is OK by me…

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On another note Brooks has become the best defensive half in the comp IMO…

Saved as many TRIES as he set up today…

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Wests Tigers the doormat of the NRL
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In the days leading up the Wests Tigers’ premiership win in 2005, former chief executive Steve Noyce — high on emotion and ambition — banged his chest and talked about the club wanting to become the Manchester United of the NRL.

All these years later, they are more akin to Accrington Stanley. The 2005 title was meant to be a turning point in the joint venture’s history.

Instead, it has become a distant sepia-toned memory that Tigers fans and officials cling to as they reminisce about the good old days and claim they can still be a force.

Truth is, the Tigers have been a light touch ever since, a doormat for rival clubs, players and their agents.

Michael Maguire said it best after his side’s inglorious exit from the finals race before a packed house at Leichhardt Oval last weekend.

For too long, near enough has been good enough for the Tigers. They talk a good game but play a soft one.

The club has been played off a break for more than a decade and they now reach a fork in the road as they contemplate the loss of backrower Ryan Matterson, arguably their best player this season.

Matterson is apparently upset with Maguire — there has been talk of a testy conversation a few weeks ago — yet the coach has spoken to the player and insists there are no issues.

Believe what you will. Some would suggest the problems have more to do with the club’s salary cap and the legacy of a past that has clouded their future, leaving them in a position where they must move players if they are to accommodate the likes of Benji Marshall and Chris Lawrence next season.

The Tigers have made a series of poor decisions with their cap, but Matterson has been one they got right. Too right it seems.

On his form this year, when he went close to cracking the NSW side, he is worth more than the Tigers are paying him.

He has two years remaining on a deal that now appears a bargain for the Tigers. As is so often the case in these situations, the player — or at least someone close to him — now appears to be agitating for change.

Maguire has extracted the best from Matterson and personally lobbied NSW coach Brad Fittler to have him as part of the Blues set-up.

His reward for going into bat for his player? Rumours that Matterson is exploring his options. Thanks for nothing.

The time has come for the Tigers to make a stand. They need to decide what sort of club they want to be.

They have made a series of poor decisions in recent years. They parted with their future when they lost Aaron Woods, James Tedesco and Mitchell Moses.

They followed that up with a series of shocking calls as they attempted to rebuild. It could be years before they recover from the mess they have made for themselves by handing inflated contracts to players when the club was in a state of mild panic.

Many of those responsible are now gone but those who remain are duty-bound to help the club find a way out of the malaise they are in.

The NRL is currently reviewing the game’s footprint as they determine what sort of shape they want the competition to take in years to come.

Fingers have been pointed at Manly and Cronulla. So too the Gold Coast. Yet the game’s greatest underachievers for the past decade have been the Tigers.

Since they last played finals footy in 2011, even the Titans have finished in the top eight. The Tigers have been an afterthought. Days like last Sunday, when the hill at Leichhardt Oval was packed and optimism filled the air, have been few and far between.

Year after year we hear about a sleeping giant with a huge supporter base. Year after year their soft underbelly is exposed.

Maguire has set about changing that and he has been met with resistance. He wants the Tigers to challenge for premierships and makes no apologies for attempting to alter a mindset of mediocrity that has infiltrated the club.

He has pushed the players and there are rumblings that some are restless. Maguire is a winner. A demanding one at that. The Tigers and their players need to buy what he is selling, Matterson among them.

If Matterson truly wants out, the Tigers need to play hardball. If they can get a player of similar ilk at Matterson’s price, give it some thought.

Otherwise, stand their ground and tell him if he isn’t playing with them, he isn’t playing at all. Tell him he will get an upgrade when the club can afford it and if he still isn’t happy, sit him out for 12 months.

The Tigers need to find their identity again. The days of being a doormat are over.

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@bptiger said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

really don’t want LM , would rather spend our money on 5-6 1st grade players spread out over forwards and backs. hes to much of a risk , and hes a sook.

lol…for years you have bagged our recruitment say we sign hacks other Club rejects plodders and nuffies…

Now we have a shot at a genuine FG who has become available and would be our best player and then some and you don’t want him…

you aren’t going to get 5 or 6 FG for 200k each…they would be ummmm… hacks plodders nuffies and other Club rejects…same ole same ole WT recruitment…

Time for a change in direction…

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Would be nice to keep all the other stuff ie Benji sucks we are stuffed for years to come etc etc out of this thread and just dedicate it to the memories of Farah on the field …i think he deserves that…just a thought…

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Congrats to #256 Joey Leilua #259 Luciano Leilua #257 Adam Doueihi #258 Billy Walters and #260 Zane Musgrove who will all be making the Wests Tigers debut in our Mighty Jersey…

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@hobbo1 said in Best post match I’ve seen from Michael Maguire:

@Tiger_Bond said in Best post match I’ve seen from Michael McGuire:

Wests Tigers: Round 18

This post match interview is the reaction I’ve been waiting to see from our coach… Change is in the air!!!

That was epic thanks for posting …
Poor bastards on a hiding to nothing with this roster .
He knows what he’s got won’t improve and he knows there has to be a complete squad overhaul.
If he keeps up the beard , in 6 months he’ll be a dead ringer for @Geo lol

Madge …what 18 weeks Coaching Wests Tigers will do


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Special shout out to David Nofoaluma not just the hat trick but the TRY he scored with his own TRY assist was amazeaballs…

Well done Nof…some people see the value you add to the team…214 run metres to boot…

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@hobbo1 said in Garner:

@Geo said in Garner:

@hobbo1 said in Garner:

Was huge tonight
Spells the end of Lawrence.

Don’t agree Lawrence off the bench was good

Can’t play forever …
Can’t keep hanging onto senior citizens mate .

he’s only 29…lol

Poor bastard lol
Yeah he was ok off the bench but Garner rocked tonight !

Garner got my 3…still needs to work on D but runs the tough Rowdy line at speed…

Rowdy shut down Pongo when he came on…

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@avocadoontoast said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@Geo said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

Stupid for not compromising the Club standards they want to achieve…?

what standards are they Geo? Never winning anything, ever? I’ve followed this club since I was old enough to follow rugby league but i’ve just about had enough.

Allowing players special treatment over others in the squad we have done that in the past…not a good way to build a winning culture…

As talented as Mitchell may be…if he wasn’t the right fit for what we want to build…well next…

FWIW…from what I’ve been told Mitchell’s management had agreed for him to come here …then wanted changes in the contract …to which WT weren’t prepared to make…at this stage…

We still have interest in Mitchell…

IMO it shows we are going in the right direction…

chin up mate

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"The NRL’s revived Tina Turner ad is a bland, politically correct gesture from an organisation losing touch with the game’s fans. It’s an exercise in box-ticking that totally misses the point.

Paul Kent goes WHACK

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I’m proud they way they played against adversity and fought damn hard in the end…

Defence was good for the most part…just a bit disappointed we couldn’t pull it off…