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@happy_tiger said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:
> 100-1 should be our odds of making the 8 in 2020

Done…$100 that we do…

$10K…I like it…

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To always own you.

We are the wests tigers.Two great tradtions combined to create one club.

Like it or not the tiger and the Magpie is our history and you can never take the Magpie off the shoulder.

The greatness of our club is the fact that we can call on all our legends from wests and Balmain.

Long live the WESTS TIGERS.

That is woefully small minded.

I was a Balmain fan who is willing to drop the gold from our strip and you can’t get rid of the stupid magpie on the shoulder? Aren’t the colours you carried into extinction being used enough for you?

You have the word Wests in the team name, and the colours you carried at your end. But you wanna keep the magpie…

It is that mentality that will never see the club go forward.

Wot….Why would the Magpie go…As if It’s a big deal…I know who’s small minded…

The reason they change the jersey every 2 to 3 years has absolutly nothing to do with tradition…

It’s all about $$$$$$$$$$$$…Mechandising…Removing the Magpie or changing the colours… doen’t even enter the equation…

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Yes…Me Bay 13 row DD…Daughter Bay 13 row EE…close…Meh …rang em today said it would be sorted…found seats together and new card to be sent…just have to use existing cards to get in Monday…

I’m used to it but…seems to happen quite often …this time due to changed email address…

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@Balmain Bug:


So are these the official predictions so far??

Farah - Rd 3
Humphreys - Rd 4
Dr. Kuah - after Rd 4
Marshall - Rd 8
Members’ training - indefinite

please add if i’ve missed any…

Balmain Bug - Rd 12


At least we know the date now where the season went to hell…… 😕

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boys never trained today,side will be picked tomor arvo.

Isn’t it always picked on Tuesday’s….

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That’s funny…

Doesn’t mention the time?

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Songs at league games are just ordinary. What’s wrong with cheering the Tigers, abusing the ref, and sledging the opposition players?

Hahaha I am sure there will be plenty of that involved as well 😉

Yeah…… I’ve even known of Fans that sledge our OWN players… 😲

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The SMH’s glowing preview wouldn’t have anything to do with Benji on the payroll would it!!!

Besides we all know it’s wrong……1ST is where we are HEADED…

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discussion bot is a champion.

Never answers back either……

Wonder if Lortay fly’s ,First class or Cattle!!!

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Marshall’s injury may require more rehab than first thought…

Instead of 2 to 4 weeks…try 6 to 8…