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@happy_tiger said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:
> 100-1 should be our odds of making the 8 in 2020

Done…$100 that we do…

$10K…I like it…

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😆 Benji is here till 2011,He’ll never play for another NRL club….Oh wait there was that little thing about a get out clause if Sheens wasn’t the Coach…

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Stat Description Points Awarded/Deducted
Try 4 Points
Goal 2 Points
Field Goal 1 Point
Try Assist 2 Point
All run metres Total metres run divided by 10, rounded down to nearest whole number
Line Break 2 Points
Line Break Assist 2 Points
Tackle 1 Point
Missed Tackle -1 Point
Offload 2 Point
Error -2 Point
Kick Metres Total Metres gained kicking divded by 20, rounded down to the nearest whole number
Penalty conceeded -2 Points

Same Point scoring system as last Year…

Geez Ryles is good value…kick long Benji…

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This time last year it was a race between Gallant and McDonnell, yet Sheens picked Moltzen for every trial giving those two first guys small stints.
No one picked Moltzen (a 19 year old who had played just a handful of games) to be the starting 1, let alone the best halfback all year!

This doesn’t really prove anything except that we shouldn’t rule out Sheens going for Mullaney; he is the only specialist fullback we have!

And even he’s a half……ask his Mum

http://www.weststigers.com.au/default.aspx?s=newsdisplay&id=20777" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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😆 😆 Lote is only worth $148K

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@Buckets of blood:

Its an absurd game….so an absurd reaction would seem not so absurd.
I suppose Lawrence the centre will replace the hooker that replaced the back rower…just for thos that think this isnt absurd.

Yeah now your talkin….

Lawrence robbed from the begining…

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I’m in….

Thanks spartan…

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Moltzen @ 7….C’mon Tim you know it makes sense…

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😆 That’s great to hear……then again Pace wasn’t one of his best attributes…