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I think Idiot covers it better lol

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@Balmain Bug:

  1. Sheens must have recently seen the light and I can tell you for an absolute fact that he does want Gallant there for 2010. The reason why I know this is because he has told him. But a little while back that was not the case. A bloke was there giving his unwanted 20 cents worth whenever the subject of Gallant came up. This man would always rubbish Shannon. I dont know if they will offer him an NRL contract or just try and get him to sign a NSWRL contract with Wests and just sponge off it.
  2. just on point 3, i have been informed that Sheens has asked for gallant to only exclusively attend NRL training now for the time being.
    Anything else you dont understand just ask.

I have 2 questions…. cause I don’t understand…
1. If Sheens is the demigod dictator that you and a lot make him out to be…Why on earth would he listen to anybody else when it comes to team selection and recruitment and retention of players?..A question Chadman asked but can not see where you answered it…

2. If point 5 is correct If the mysetry man is slandering Shannon to Sheens… What difference does it make if Sheens wants Gallant now?

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CANBERRA v WESTS TIGERS: courtesy Andrew Johns…http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/joeys-verdict-for-round-20/story-e6frext9-1225752868995
Two defeats in a row to the Knights and the Panthers have severely jolted their play-off aspirations but they are capable of producing something special, particularly at home. The test will be how strong their desire is to turn it around.

Would have been breathing a sigh of relief when Robbie Farah escaped suspension. Their win over the Cowboys will have coach Sheens’ men primed for a big effort in the national capital to keep their play-off hopes alive.

One of the toughest games of the weekend to predict. Tigers have more to play for so I’ll go with them.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Wests Tigers Coach Tim Sheens is still focused on just one win at a time as his team fights to stay in the hunt for a finals berth.

Sheens knows there are no easy matches in the NRL and a teams position on the ladder doesn’t mean they are any less dangerous.

Sheens also discusses the citing of Robbie Farah from Sunday’s match at Leichhardt Oval.


Here we go….one win at a time…Genius Tim…

Interesting interview with Tim…all the same

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bubbles. Then without

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@anderson silva:


i think we should sign krisnan inu

wow this would be an awesome signing i mean look at the possibilities in the back line


then we have great depth with pritchard, ryan, ayshford(it think will be shifted to back row) gallant, meaney, lane. I think we would have the most potent back line of any NRL club

Your probably right but unless the pigs get the job done up front you could have Qld backline and still struggle…

Would much prefer this depth building was happening in the Engine Room…At this point there appears to be zilch…

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@Balmain Bug:



Do you think we would have made the 8 every Year if Morris wasn’t in the halves


Yes !!!

Rubbish……Morris in the halves was a huge contributing factor Yes…didn’t we have Prince in '06…If you think The Fonz stubborness with Morris is the difference your more deluded than I thought…

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Tim Tam’s back……still doesn’t fix their problems in the forwards or their braindead Coach…Just takes a huge chunk of cap…

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He’ll have a shocker and get hooked after 20……come back on and play the worst 40min in NRL history…

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Tigers are good value for sure, I don’t understand the purpose of a +3.5 start though, makes no sense.

Raiders by less than a try

Which 2.5 would cover. 😒

What if someone kicks a field goal just before HT……could easily lead to a 3pt game…