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Good point RR.What a bunch!!

Was Nate Myles at the Roosters when he went a pooping too?

Thats quite a line up!

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@Byron Bay Fan:

I feel sorry for them when they get penalised so much for just being stupid on the grog when they have not really hurt anyone. It should have been kept under wraps. Don’t his friends want to protect him?

Agreed,if he had bashed someone or a gal or something like that fair call but for being a dill on the soup??As far as I can see he hasnt broken any laws at all.

The Johhny Do-gooders are taking over the building.

When did we become so judgy???

Arent we renowned for our larrikan spirit,sense of fun.

Doesnt look like it.

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I think we can safely assume that your moral standards are quite low which is nothing to brag about.

Wow….when do I get cuffed Mr 2 cent piece???

My moral standards??Well i dont cuff anyone,oh hang on yes I do.

Seems we do have something in common.

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Im pretty sure Taylor said at the meeting that he was going to pick a stronger side this year.

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Or even read through a few of these:

Well said re ur post…peeps are getting mightly excited over very little.

Lest we forget what our very own Toddy Payten did.

And there are some doozies in that list.

I play in a supercoach comp called the I Shat in Schlossies Shoe Shield.

Our end of year parties should not be on video!

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@Fade To Black:

In the grand scheme of things it was pretty harmless. Russ Packer tried to stomp some bloke’s head into hamburger mince and he is suiting up again in the NRL this season so basically it is a free-for-all……do whatever you like.

Good point.

And he weed on the field!

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Huge boo to the idiot who leaked it.

He has just ended Pearces career.

And was paid $60k for the footage apparently

NOt bad for two minutes of camera work.

Media will make a fortune out of it!

Still think its weak but man a 60k pricetag is tempting!

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Todd Carney,Mitchell Pearce and Joel Monaghan walk into a bar……


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I thought Pearce seemed pretty jovial for a totally paraletic drunk guy. It’s certainly disgraceful and undignified but I wouldn’t call it vile or immoral behaviour. Just like, the drunkest guy at the party. Pretending to hump a dog while drunk wouldn’t rate in the top 50 of things I’ve seen drunk people do that was inappropriate.

I didnt think there was much innit either.

But the media driven nanny state we live in will end this kids career for acting like a tool at a private party.

I have seen far worse and done worse.

And that makes it acceptable?

The sooner grubs like Pearce are rubbed out of the game the better.

I didnt see too much in it at all.

He was off his head having a laugh.

If thats unacceptable to you then you need to get out more.