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I feel sorry for Matto. Plus guys like Garner, ET and Momo who finished the year really strongly. Momo got dealt a really bad hand today having to play fullback.

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Make no mistake, if we pull this off, it will be the biggest thing that has happened to this club since 2005. It will all but make up for losing Tedesco. This is a defining moment imo.

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Only a week in to 2020, and already we have a winner for biggest forum topic name let down.

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The Tigers finals pursuit isn’t being railroaded by a player backlash (we’ve won 2 in a row). It’s being railroaded by grubby gossip columnists incessantly writing this crap in the lead up to a big game. I’m awake to these parasites.

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We still have ET, McQueen and Reynolds who it would be great to get rid of because there price is no where near their value.

Packer and Mbye are probably overpaid, but I believe we can get something out of these guys.

I want what you’re on. ET was one of our best towards the back end of the yer

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Corey, I love you brother, but you won’t give up the fullback jumper without a fight? Who you kidding son?

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I guess you could consider this a rebuttal to Happy’s thread. Firstly, I get the frustration. It sucks supporting a team that has not made the finals in nearly a decade. And the “next year” lemon was squeezed dry long ago. But what can we really do? I read a lot of comments from forumers saying how they don’t accept mediocrity and mocking others that supposedly do. What is not accepting mediocrity exactly? To me, if we are a mediocre club, then every one of us accept it because we still watch every week.The only ones who are truly sincere with that claim are those that have walked away to support one of the more successful clubs. It’s a tough business supporting a struggling club, it’s emotionally draining. But no one claiming they don’t accept it can still be a member of this forum because the reality is you would have have become apathetic by now if you really didn’t. And you would not feel so passionately if you were apathetic. There’s only two options you have. Endure it, and hope one day our luck changes, or walk away. If you walk away, good luck to you. I wouldn’t begrudge anyone walking away because there is only so much a supporter can take, and after a while apathy will come into play and you will mentally check out. If you don’t though, then you are accepting it just like the rest of us, because unfortunately we have very little control over whether or not the club does get its act together. We’re bystanders.

Lastly, I would like to ask what separates a supporter who accepts mediocrity opposed to a supporter that doesn’t? Do those who don’t stamp their feet a little harder? Raise their voice a little louder? If it makes you feel better about yourself, fine. But it’s a self coping mechanism. The truth is you are powerless. The only power you have is whether you choose to hang in there with the rest of us or walk away altogether.

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Reynolds and Packer to SL and Matulino medically retired would give us a war chest.

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By WWOS staff
2 hours ago

Melbourne Storm star Nelson Asofa-Solomona faces questioning by the NRL integrity unit and his club after allegedly throwing a volley of brutal punches in a Bali street fight. Asofa-Solomona, who stands 200cm tall and weighs 115kg, was seen in a viral video outside the popular La Favela nightclub in Seminyak, allegedly throwing haymakers amid a huge brawl.

However, Nine News correspondent Renae Henry has spoken with the nightclub owner, Gonzalo Assiego, who revealed that the trouble began inside the club when one of Asofa-Solomona’s teammates was attacked by another patron. The teammate, identified by Nine’s Danny Weidler as winger Suliasi Vunivalu, suffered a cut under his eye after being punched in the face; an unprovoked ‘king hit’. Assiego released CCTV footage exclusively to Nine News, showing the initial assault.

Assiego said that once the matter went outside, Vunivalu’s attacker and a group of friends - including one armed with a bottle - approached the Storm players. That was when Asofa-Solomona allegedly reacted violently and was captured in the viral footage.

“It’s so bad, because (the public) don’t see the reality of what happened before,” Assiego told Henry for Nine News.“His reaction was aggressive for sure, but we don’t know what happened … and I explained what happened before. I feel sorry for him.”

You can see the way this is going,sweep sweep sweep and cover up and Turdberg will do nothing because NAS plays for one of the “untouchable” 4 clubs.

Can you put your bias’ aside for just one minute. His teammate was king hit and he had at least 4 people coming at him. What is there to sweep under the rug?

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A signing like Mitchell would attract others.

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Unfortunately I’ve known this for a while…but can’t elaborate

That’s very helpful…Thanks.

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Shout out to ET.

He’s been much maligned over the last 12 months, but he’s been one of our best the last 2 weeks, in 2 badly beaten sides. Definitely one player who seems desperate to prove to Madge he’s been wrong in keeping him on the outer.

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Today, 2nd good game ive ever seen him play. About time. See if he can back it up next week or go missing as usual.

He’s been backing it up for weeks. Give it a break.

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Brisbane’s loss has made tomorrow’s game even bigger. It gives us a shot at Manly without Taupau and Turbo if we can get over the line. We’d be a big chance

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Kyle Turner’s management has reached out to Madge for 2020.


The Pom is the link.