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Many thanks, will chase up Ink. Cheers

Staks, i vaguely recall reading a thread RE: Shuey’s passing posted by a family member on the old forum. Does that still exist?

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What’s at Lidcombe on Saturday? Theo, have you been living under a rock champion? 😛

The Magpies are ‘Returning To Lidcombe’ taking their Round 1 VB NSW Cup game against the Silvertails.

Theo, Shane, bring your old Black & White flags gentlemen. Spread the word, it’s going to be a great day, full of nostalgia.

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Really appreciate that mate. Cheers! Keep me posted….

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Thanks for feedback gang.

Scheuy, that’s the bloke (God Bless His Soul). Smeg, you say you know as to the where abouts of the ‘Tiger Power’ sign which was originally Scheuy’s. Any chance of finding out where his ‘Magpie Power’ Banner is? Is there any link or contact?

Would love to get it and use it at Lidcombe Oval this week, and then preserve in with the Football Club via Wests Archives.

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Hi all,

I’m on a mission to track down a Banner from the 90’s. An old Western Suburbs supporter who had the nick name ‘Old Father’ who used to reside in the Macarthur region used to raise it proudly at Magpie games throughout the 1990’s. See the image below

I know that the supporter retired the banner at the end of '99 and constructed a new one that was present in the erarly years of Wests Tigers, which stated the words ‘Wests Tigers Territory’.

I remember some years back, this old supporter passed away and a family member informed the old forum.

As an act of goodwill and wanting to archive the great old ‘Magpie Power’ Banner, if anyone knows who the owner was or where the whereabouts of the Banner might be, I would sincerely appreciate you getting in touch with me, as the Football Club would like obtain it, and preserve it.

Feel free to send me a PM if you have any information regarding it. Cheers

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If Ellis & Payten fit, i’d like to see the following;

1). McKinnon
2). Tuqiri
3). Ayshford
4). Lawrence
5). Utai
6). Marshall
7). Lui
8). Gibbs
9). Farah
10). Galloway
11). Fulton
12). Ellis
13). Heighnington
14). Fifita
15). Dwyer
16). Payten
17), Moltzen

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Yep Danos. Trimarchi played for both Maggies and WT’s

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Fi Fi Box’s workrate was brilliant. Did a lot of defence. Galloway snotted almost everyone that ran his way. Tagive was solid, showed good confidence under the high ball. Brown too was strong from the back. Good hit out by Woods too.

No injuries, that’s all I wanted. Improvement needed? Hell yes. that’s the beauty of trials. Opportunity to blow the cobwebs out. Wests certainly have quite a few to clear out before Round 1. Let’s hope they can clear the remainder out next week against the Chookies.

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The beauty of depth….Get well Moltz

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I too, would like to know. There has been next to no correspondence from the Football Club Board or Management. I have to re-new my membership, yet I’m oblivious to who is now dealing with Football Club Membership renewals as there is an interim-General Manager in place with no other administration staff. The place is a shamozel. Sad times….