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Good to hear about some of the kids games this year, I’ve not been able to get in since the forum changed earlier this year, my password and user name Couldn’t be recognised,
Still aren’t sure how it works.

I gave it up and as I’ve been pretty busy with renovating , haven’t got around to starting from scratch with a new registration till now.

Sounds like your boys are doing well Doc, we were up at Ormeau last Saturday with the Hornets 13 div 1 team .
Our Comp this year has lost some kids from some of the other teams, and Nerang looks like they are pulling out completely, it’s a pity as they have been whacked almost every game . But kept doing their best and turning up each week, and Mudgeeraba hasn’t had a team at all in div 1

The Rep season is about to start this weekend with a big chunk of the Vikings. ( Titans)
Coming from our Hornets and Burleigh in A tri series .
So we will be freezing at Ipswich by the look of it: