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I reckon Roberts and Sharpe a bit unsung at NYC level, both look good to me most times I see them.

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He’s a winger… Not the ©… And not a team player
Be the player your team mates want to play with… Not the guy they think is a flog

Also has reputation for not being very coachable. Will be surprised if he plays much first grade.

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If we had of got the win over the Gold Coast we would now be confirmed in the semies. All it would have taken is field goal to have gone over.

If Brooks had of knocked over the field goal instead of hitting the post against Melbourne we’d be almost certainly in.

The line between success and failure is so small!

Hopefully it won’t matter with results going our way this weekend !

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Kevvie at centre is problematic, has ability, not a great decision maker.

R Jennings at right centre pushing Kevvie to the wing would have been great.

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*Braidon Burns

All good signings, but the pick of the bunch for me is Fuimaono.

Lol definitely Burns, Braiden Bailey is a completely different kid :slight_smile:

I love R Jennings, but Tyrell is also a gun.

Cant believe they got all of them!

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I reckon Souths have struck gold signing 4 outstanding players in one hit. I reckon all will play some first grade next year and all have the potential to very good. Quite a coup really.

If you havent heard they got

Robert Jennings (who I reckon is amazing)
Tyrell Fuimono (Aus schoolsx2, Junior roos x2, and NYC star last 2 years)
Connor Tracey (been injured but Aus school half, pretty dominant junior)
Braiden Brailey (Penrith Centre been carving up in NYC)

I dont remember a club getting such a bunch of juniors from other clubs all at once, just as they are ready to play NRL, quite a good job really.

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I ve watched a hell of a lot more painful games than that!

As for the Robbie situation. Robbie has been one of my all time favorite Tigers (probably number 1 since the merge), however I think it is time to move on.

I don’t think Robbie’s skills suits our style, said so after round 2 before the drama on that alone isn’t enough to not pick him.

But sadly Robbie has been here too long, he loves the place and sees it as his team and as such is finding it very hard to hand over to generation next. Understandably he has been the man for so long.

Our next crack at a comp will be without Robbie, unfortunately the harsh reality in modern sport we have to move our stars on in less than fairy tale circumstances.

JT is simply taking that step to pass on to the next generation now, in the long term they will be better for the experience.
We are not going to win this year under any circumstances, so playing Robbie and maybe winning an extra game this year won’t make much difference, but giving the next generation the team now may fast track their development and bring on future success.

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Should not have been dropped in the first place.
I reckon a bit of spite was involved in his axing.

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@Balmain Boy:

Yes a good effort by Mikaele. Though we’ve perhaps got too many front row prospects coming through at the same time. Hope to see him in NYC next season and see how he develops

SInce the very beginning of NYC we have always had quality props.

Lots of kicked on at different levels, some faded away.

We must have had 10 props that have played for Australia or NZ junior level.

Off the top of my head Woods, Fifita, Felise, Groat, Lodge, Sue, mosese fotuaki and Tatoloa all played junior test stuff, plus we have had Brown, Bergovich and the Shirnacks who were very good at that level.

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This should be interesting, we cant defend, they cant attack…

Wonder how that will turn out!

The dragons are diabolical to watch as a neutral fan, hope they don’t come good against us