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Just cause i was at the game and its hard to tell , what calls went against us?

Was it the moltzen held back call? and im guessing the locke dangerous tackle call? I actually dont like people shooting in like that, and even if it was around hte legs im not a fan of it.

Either way I think the last try was probably a try, although macdougall makes an interesting point, I just felt the warriors were a better side on the night. We looked really unthreateing all game bar the lawrence run in the first minute

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Seriously from the first minute of the second half they were running over the top of us. In fact any time they had the ball in our half I think it was trouble. They were a far better side on the night. There little men were more elusive, there kicking game was better and there forwards were more dangerous.

We have several problems but still severely miss a tough playmaker at these pivital moments. The same as 2010, it came down to 2 plays at the end, one from us where we did a poor option on the last, and then theres, where they had a great option on the last which won them the game.

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I knwo the seasons over and theres alot of what ifs, but just a general statement on the play which probably lost us the game.

How many times does this seriously work for us? We do this minimum 4 times a game minimum and wouldnt of scored more than 3 times off it this year I dont think? (could be wrong).

Its not even a play where you look back and can think, well it worked a bit. The other thing which makes me not like the play is I really dont think we have the outside backs to pull it off (at full fitness on the left yes), but our right side doesnt have any quick/speedy men to take advantage of it.

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I admit I wasnt a huge fan to mid season, but hes always been a great defensive prop, and now hes developed a great running game too.

The other props in the side really struggle to control the ruck like Gibbs and Payten have for us. Its going to be tough without him.

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his best game for the club imo, including his games vs canberra and nq a few years ago.

his kick returns were unreal. Makes a huge difference.

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Tuquiris problem is he has developed “wests tigers back 3 syndrome”.

Everytime he gets the ball he has to run across field ten metres and show it inside two times before straightening (while someone his size should just run straight aka utai). Unfortunately at the moment hes too unmobile and teams are catching him out and creaming in. He is just a tad slow off the mark to make the dummy half scoots which Nightingale and Morris killed us with.

However id like to think the problem was solved in the last 25 minutes, where he got into first receiver and it enabled him to run straight and he made 3 or so good hit ups which got us over the advantage line.

If he gets a bit of room to wind up and take some good hitups, he will be fine. He should probably just stay clear of the dummy half stuff.

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Top 3

  1. Fulton
  2. Farah
  3. Heighno
    Honourable Mentions: Moltzen , Lui, Ellis and Gibbs.

Ayhford- not that i didnt see him, but was just slow and again caught out with poor defensive reads.

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I think Sheens just wanted to get mckinnon off and Lui could use a break.

On Lui i thought it was his best game this year almost. Nothing special but just did what he had to and he is developing a very good combination with Farah.

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I cant believe anyone talking about how the tigers made the decision or that they bullied the ref.

It was a clear try. What do you want them to do get up and go oh well. had the ref gone to the video for the utai knock on early we may have picked up some points there as well (there was fingers on it…)

End of the day if they get the decision right then who cares. Sure you shouldnt run at the ref and blow up, but in this case when you can check it its fine. You didnt see farah run at the ref when he apparently knocked on from dummy half in the first half, cause theres nothing you could do about it. But in this instance, you can check it so I dont see the big deal.

Had it not been awarded, and theyd showed a replay, everyone would just be talking about how bad the ref was.

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Left edge of Ellis-Lawrence-Lote = we are premiership contenders.

Left edge missing Lawrence and Lote for the next few weeks = we could lose even the ‘easy games’.

Class is irreplaceable. Massive loss if he’s out again.

Thats it really.

I think we could possibly push the premiership with Lawrence. Without him I honestly dont think we are any better than an 8th placed side. Theres no conincidence we just struck form the month Lawrence came back to go with the first month of the competition, which was the only other month we played well.