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When Freddy was asked about it a few weeks ago, he pointed out that noffa dropped a critical catch and that ‘you have to nail those’

But nah, I suppose fergs one just this weekend doesn’t count. Only resulted in a try.

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Gotta cover your bases guys. Might spur Melbourne to drop their hard-line stance

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Rick Waydes real name is Frederick? Well I’ll be buggered.
I’m more worried as ever knowing that Wests board run the show and the CEO position is a nothing role.
Things aren’t going to get better folks.

Boards always run the show. The Boards are the company. The CEO is an employee of the Board who implements the Board’s strategic plan. If the CEO doesn’t then they are out on their ear.

Yeah, the board has a lot to answer to. I’m glad we got the independent directors in there as it looks like they’ve helped fill a lot of the flaws in the organisation with some proper governance structures.

But why are the roosters so successful? Compare their board with ours. Smart business men with proven ability vs weathermen and league club lackies.

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Yep, I think a Loan deal for Talau for the year will work out well. We have enough coverage in our centres and wingers to be fine.

But it’s really up to Talau. Maybe he doesn’t want to go.

Starters -> JAC, Nofa, BJ, Mbye
Solid Cover -> AJ, Momo
WIP cover -> Hoffman, Cini

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Staines re-injured his hamstring already. Only young and they might fix it up but having a lot of issues with it already, might make him put his asking price down a little.

A certain fullback running around for the Storm had big problems with his hamstrings while at the WT. With the right rehab he has transformed himself into one of the best fullbacks in the game right now. Staines has youth on his side and can certainly get stronger over the next couple of years. Just needs the right rehab and strength program.

Our center of excellence will fix that 🙂

I wonder what many of the forum members will call the Centre of Excellence 5 years after it is operational

Hopefully it will incorporate a trophy cabinet and not a cutlery drawer.

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The only delay is Souths trying to get there house in order .JAC only wants to go to Souths

Rubbish. Many reasons you are wrong

  • He wants to play FB. Lattrell is there and AJ is a very capable backup.
  • He loves the Tigers and can’t see him rejecting us outright
  • Melbourne have already confirmed that there is “a club” that they’ve been talking to for a swap. Which, if Souths are still getting things in order, it’s not them.
  • The POM (and others in the know) have indicated JAC is well in frame.

Where did you get your info from?

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Melbourne might have to realise they won’t find a good replacement for JAC in the NRL at the moment. Not really any top quality winters available for them to sign.

Melbourne doesn’t have to realise anything. JAC is contracted to Melbourne for 2021, they can do nothing and he plays there next year.

I know they could easily just refuse to let him go, that’s why we shouldn’t play hardball too much with them. They just can’t expect some top quality winger in return because it seems very unlikely

They can play hardball until 2022.

They’ve got the upper hand. Even if JAC chucks a sook they’re a strong enough club to just not release him and he’s not even on big dollars at the moment

I don’t think they have the upper hand at all. They have a player who wants out with 1 year left. No club is going to be silly enough to swap an up and coming player long term, for 1 extra year of JAC.

They won’t go into 2021 with a disgruntled player.

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Manly making room for Addo-Carr

JAC wants to have a crack at FB. I doubt he’s going to take on Tommy Turbo.

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Why would we trade when JAC only has a year left? How about we loan them momo for 1 more year then they can sort it out after that.

We’re in the position of strength here. It’s JAC that wants to leave, Melbourne should take our rejects. Jennings belamy?

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@Russell said in Balmain saved from brink of extinction with new leagues club to come:

To Darcy Byrne and the people of the “So called Rozelle village.”

What you are getting here is what you sowed - you screwed the Balmain Leagues Club dry until they went out of business. You kept knocking back the plans submitted for years and now you are going to get a “Car mine.”

It could have been so much better for all of us, a little tweeking here and there, serious discussion on a 50/50 plan for all concerned - all the developers got was No! No! No!

I for one am very glad that Karma if it happens is still alive and well, a great monstosity of a hole, smoke stacks and a horrid ugly intersection at Victoria Rd / Darling St.

Hope the people of Rozelle Village enjoy their new environment. Thanks Darcy, thanks Benny.

Well said mate. I actually used to live in Rozelle and dispised this side of the community. Just no, no, no without any thoughts into the consequences of those actions. Darcy would use the media to try to public berate the developers, which is a horrible tactic if you want to win them over to your way of thinking.

Darcy is a decent guy I believe and he cares about his community, but he isn’t pragmatic in the way he goes about things.

Let’s not forget it was his party that started this whole chain reaction with on-again / off-again metro project. If Darcy wants to point the finger, take on his colleagues in Labor.

They took a risk to get something more befitting to their liking and now they’re complaining about the consequences from their negativity and indecision.