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@TheDaBoss said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:


Bring all the schoolboys here

Gee Boss, you’re the only school boy we need here.

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This is one pretty tough round, so I’ll have to go with the only stand out certainty and that is the mighty WESTS TIGERS.
Just watch them ROAR.

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Cowgirls thanks

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Yeah, and this is only game 3 for the year.

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@JoshColeman99 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

You must miss Todd he’s still on your brain

Yeah Todd was like a tumor.

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Maybe $50,000 man with 60% suspended.

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@diedpretty said in Corona impact on NRL...?:

@happy_tiger said in Corona impact on NRL...?:

@Hangonaminute said in Corona impact on NRL...?:

@Geo said in Corona impact on NRL...?:

@Hangonaminute said in Corona impact on NRL...?:

If you were a NRL player right now, what would you say to these morons if you had the chance?

They’re literally putting every NRL players career in jeopardy.
How can the NRL be taken seriously about sticking to the guidelines in order to get the game started again after seeing these two clowns?

I agree with Gould, sack them

Perhaps they don’t feel the rules should apply to them…and the mental health of they bros and culture were more important

These indigenous players are always harping on about respect, yet they show none of it when the TV cameras aren’t on them.

They’re either incredible dumb or they just don’t care, I’m leaning towards the latter, and if that’s the case they need to go.

A responsible player would have told someone beforehand what was going on …if what we are hearing is true , family comes 1st …I know if family member told me they needed help even at these times I’d drop everything …but I would tell everyone 1st what I was doing

If you take these actions …you wear the responsibility of these actions

You don’t then hide behind your religion ,race , marital status or sex

It was mentioned his family was doing it tough but they were in Sydney. JAC was born in Sydney - he has no ties to Taree or the Biripi people. Just pulls the culture card when he is caught out. And since when has riding motorbikes on beaches been part of Aboriginal culture.

40,000 years ago in the dream time the Aboriginal people dreamed of having guns for hunting and dirt bikes for beating around the bush on.

This pair of cretins are just living the dream.

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@Tiger_Steve said in GREENBERG GONE.....:

Did Inglis pick him up from HQ ?

and sped away in a drunken stupor!

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That was a bit of a shock when I heard that.
Also could not believe it when they said he was 79.

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@gallagher said in Ch 9 hammers NRL:

I don’t get the anti NRL mob. Miners can still fly interstate, you can still get a haircut, get a zinger, go into kmart, go into a carpet store, grab a coffee and building sites are still open. But the NRL want to keep their business going??? Maniacs

I agree with most of what you say except for the bit about miners.
I work in the mining industry and cannot fly into Western Australia without isolating for 14 days then going to work and staying there and not returning home until all this is over.