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Has any got any mail will Gibbs and Ellis definitely play I would be surprised if both suit up Fulton huge loss If Farah is not 100% rest him as well We can afford to lose a couple of games at this stage Don’t want to get to Semis and have big names missing If he can’t kick and has reduced mobility he basically is no better than any other option we have is he ???

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You can listen to it on NRL.com
I don’t see why it’s unfortunate you don’t have Foxtel…
Sure you miss NRL games but the idea of paying for TV is ridiculous.

the idea of the government telling me watch to watch is ridiculous also.
I pay for my Tv so i get the choice what i want to watch and when i want to watch it - most of the time anyway. how else can i get my fix of pacino and de-niro films?

Maybe Willow could replace Jeff from the Wiggles and we could sing songs about him ‘Where’'s Willow is he sleeping outside Wheres Willow has he gone for a ride "You and Anthony could wear Tigers jerseys as well !!!Well it put a smile on my face anyway !!!

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@Cultured Bogan:


im very worried about this nuclear meltdown. i dont think the japanese government is telling people how bad the situation really is but alot of govenrments are like that when disasters happen, which causes even more deaths

Don’t get too worried Alien. You’re right when you say their government wouldn’t be releasing all information, but if there were serious issues afoot, they’d would most definitely start mass evacuations of surrounding regions. The Japanese are quite a**l when it comes to design and they have an extremely strict building code due to being so prone to earthquake activity, and their inner containment vessels would be very well designed and would take a devastating cooling system failure in order to breach it.

Nuclear reactors have a number of safety features and despite the fact that uranium is a volatile element, there are a number of ways to control it in such an event. Simply put, if it was going to be a Chernobyl, which was a human caused containment failure, it would have happened already. Their physicists have done extremely well to keep the reactors under control after such a catastrophic event, and if there is leakage, it will not nearly be as rampant as Chernobyl.

Heard a guy speaking about comparisons between Chernobyl and Japanese nuclear plants and said there was none .Best in world compared to worst in world The experts in Australia and around the world are seeing the pictures and the info coming from Japan and they concurred that everything sounded reasonably normal and as to be expected under circumstances Hope it stays that way hope all people are safe and remain that way You are in our prayers

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Guys Farah has a groin problem that he has been carrying since the trials,thats why he didnt kick and lacked mobility. Him at 50% is better than any other option we have,coz we dont have any.

is this groin problem likely to get better, even if he plays every week? id prefer to lose him for a week or two and let it heal, then for him to play at 50% for a few months.

and yes, we definitely needed his kicking game against the dogs, esp as marshall’s was off all night.

If they are injured rest them If we lose Farah ,Ellis Gibbs for any length of time I see big issues Two weeks better than 2 months later in season

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Red If you had Brown in team in defence could bring Lawrence in and Brown into centres Moltzen on wing He’s not bad under high ball bit complicated but could work ???

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@Balmain Bug:

We need to. Bring Gallant back from Nth QLD. Moltzen into the backline and whamo !!!

Bring back Gallant - pffft!!!

And add Moltz to the backine - where if not fullback (& I’m sure that’s where you want Gallant)!! Our centres were excellent last night and were certainly not the reason we lost!!!

Same goes for Lui!!!

Do you have a clue???

i know i’m in for a slamming (whats new )If we need to rest Robbie could Tim play Dummy half ???

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Mitch Brown is actually Matt Utai.


You never see them together in the same room.

No you have it wrong Matt Utai is Mitch Brown

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If i was Sheens I would be embarassing them with it all week Do we need a camp yet ???

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Our biggest problems will be injury and Monday night curse . I hope I’m wrong I had a bad feeling about this game before Monday and far worse now I hope I’m very wrong