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Is he better than Mullaney ?

On his Qld Cup form from a few years ago Definitely
Can play multiple positions better defensively
But whether he can reproduce that Qld Cup is the question ??
He needs to answer that question with performances on the field

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Slater deseves the win, no doubt.

What puzzled me though, was the fact that two Cronulla players polled points in a losing side in that last game. Whilst we didn’t play our best, and Cronulla were within a sniff for most of the game, there is no way in this world that Jeremy Smith or Gallen played better than every other Tigers player.

Before anyone suggests that occasionally losing teams get points, I understand and they maybe justified occasionally during a golden point game or something. But this game, no chance……

I wonder who the judge was for that game, and what did they base their points on?

Swordy I thought Smith was one of the best out there
Smith would look GREAT in a Tigers jersey
I think he is the reason the Saints are not the side they were

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Lawrence will be the concern He makes so much difference to this side at 100 % 🙏

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He had a fitness test today Any news ??

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Excuse me Rhino There is only one Happy Tiger 😉

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Roosters just sent out a media release saying Todd Carney and his manager David Riolo have asked the Roosters for a release from his final year of his contract and the Roosters have granted him that release. Should be interesting to see where he goes. I’m willing to bet he has a deal already done.

I bet they did Its like one of those "You have two choices we sack you or you quit meetings "
Wonder what Gallop will do now

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Surprised Wade Mac didn’t get any points early in the season He was playing pretty well

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Yes, your boss sounds sick himself, making you miss a WT final. That’s cruel

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Probably a lousy Saints supporter is he
Karma is coming to get him

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Okay so I have been rostered to work this friday from 430 to 830, :bawling missing the whole game live at home instead of waiting for it on NRL.com

dilemma…should i call in sick friday morning?

they usually dont have a problem with it but usually i am actually feeling sick 😃

whats the thoughts?

Mate any self respecting boss if you approached him and explained the situation should swap the shift for you
I know who all my staff support if they are mad footy followers I roster them accordingly
Works both ways also If i ever need someone desperate i will say “remember how i looked after you during footy finals”

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With our defence our defence and our defence
This is how to win semis
If we keep every team we play to 12 or less during the semis they may as well start engraving our name on the premiership right now