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have the tigers been on friday/sunday football tele the most out of all teams this year?

Do the tigers generate the most viewers?

Just curious…

Broncos have had a lot of Friday night games this year I don’t have the figures but they would be up there as well

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wests 19
st.george illawarra 18

crowd: around 55,000

first try scorer: moltzen
last try scorer: gasnier
man of the match: marshall

Hey Alien Thats my scoreline as well 19-18
70000 plus crowd FTS Lui LTS Ayshford MOM Farah HT 12-6 Tigers

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I own 2 cars at the moment both Camry’s 2001 CSX and 2010 Touring Am getting close to trading the CSx on a Toyota Yaris around Xmas as the best times to get good deals as not many people buy new cars at this time of year

Anyway a funny last few days with the CSX and will give you all a good laugh with what has happened

Sunday night finish work go out to drive home I work about 30 kms from home Security and central locking has had a mental lapse and every time I go to open door alarms go off

Two hours later RACQ show up disconnect the horn alarm and the security hazard lights and reckons its probably the transponder key

Moinday Go to local Toyota dealership to get new key and get reprogrammed As I had new car booked in to be serviced think to myself how lucky cancel service on hew car to get CSX fixed 12 it’ll be ready by
Happy’s dreaming 3.30 still haven’t found fault and now 2 hours late for work
get new Camry and take to work as missus still bed bound with back injury

Tuesday ring Toyota dealership and get them not to worry I don’t really need central locking and i will pick car up as is Electric windows now not working
That night go out to car to drive home no lights for car at all Have to drive 25km with only hazard lights and no street lighting (Not fun in an 100 kmh zone )
Today Abuse the shite out of Toyota telling them I want all sevices on new car sent to Rockhampton not buying a new Yaris if they can’t sort out car issues
Ring back telling me only issues with car are the horn and central locking i take new Camry to work this evening
8 oclock this evening Missus rings me to let me know that while she was waiting at the pedestrain crossing at shopping centre a guy has backed straight into the CSX She saw him coming but had no horn
If I was laughing so much I would of cried :bawling :roll
Tigers have to be certainties this week don’t they 🙏

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Maybe cut out one of the stands and put a hill there instead

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Pacey you may want to get there early on Thursday if you are going to do that
It could take a little longer than you initially planned
Could someone possibly help Pacey with this

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@Cultured Bogan:

It doesn’t really matter does it?

At the end of the day, Benji should have been a little more consistent and the award would have been his.

Slater is deserved of the award and along with Benji is one of the best and most exciting players in the game.

I would also think that Bellamy’s focus would be on giving the Storm the best chance of winning the grand final, not ensuring one player secures an accolade for individual achievements.

x 2 Finally some sanity on the subject
Slater would swap 3 Clive Churchill medals for a premiership
You don’t play for personal accolades you play for the team ,your mates and the club
Sometimes I wonder if some on here have played a game before

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When they named him to start despite the injury cloud , knowing sheens , I thought he would not play.

Now that sheens has said he might not play makes me think he is 100% fit and ready to go . Sheens is such a BS artist when comes to these things , he loves foxing with the other coach and making them have to prepare for multiple scenarios.

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Well the reason I have been asking questions a guy I know who I have known and trust for a while said something to me that i just brushed at the time but now i am starting to ask questions
He said the injury was far more to do with his hip than his hamstring
I didn’t think about it again until all these he won’t be ready after 4 weeks stuff started
There has been no further info in regards to his hamstring whether it was a twinge or did Rowdy do more damage at that time
I was speaking to my orthopaedic specialist on the Friday just gone and he said he would be surprised if a grade two hamstring tear in a young active person would not of completely healed in 3-4 weeks unless further damage had occurred but as he also said and I realise every person is different .
I’m not trying to start a rumour or cause any fights but something just doesn’t add up

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Tiger 99 is saying on another thread that he will be definitely out
Has anyone in the last 2 weeks seen him running at training ???

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Not questioning slater, I think he is a champion player. I’m more questioning Bellamy, the integrity of the voting for the dally m and the spin the storm have done for “resting” slater and smith on the weekend, Happy Tiger.

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Couple of easy solutions Dave81 Don’t reveal any of votes at all during the season
Have it handled by an independant body

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i swear some of these old martial arts movies are so bad. some of the sound effects dont even match the action properly

Neither does the dubbing 😎 watch some of Jackies movies when he was still in China….I saw one where he bashed up a room full of blokes because they said he had a bad singing voice 😆

Stryker why is that so strange
I do that every time a room of people say I can’t sing 👿