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gees, he wasn’t that bad that he deserves this, he was quiet, but mistake free with high work rate and was still smart from dummy half, does he have to lay on 3 tries every week.

Benji’s comments after the game indicate that the conservative style we played, that was the game plan, perhaps this explained robbie being less adventurous….

not his best game sure, but some of these comments im reading here are so harsh.

I basically think if we kicked better last night we win the game.

The new play the ball rules are going to change the way Farah plays from dummy half I think NRL are trying to stop sides going 1 out from dummy half from set of six . Robbie needs defense going backwards to be effective out of dummy half and that rarely happened last night so ease off on him His defense was solid He should be our attacking kicker and almost scored from dummy half help set up try for Lote . He wasn’t his normal self . Injured don’t know about that but if someone has it on good authority well ….

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probably are unsure at this stage whether injury to shoulder needs surgery or not

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I like McKinnons effort, and his guts. However, from what I have seen, he is past his best. HE seems slower, not able to change direction as quick as he once could, and has lost any pace he had. I am, however, willing to give him the benefit of the doubt - for now.

For mine, with Lui at half - Moltzen is our best No.1. When he stops trying to be pretty and focuses on the fullback position (chiming into the attack and consistant 1 on 1 tackles behind the line) , his pace, ability to slide thorugh a gap, and size and strength can see him excell at fullback. I believe Moltzen will be our Fb by years end. I believe he will grow into the position over the coming seasons to be irreplacable in that position.

Brown has done nothing wrong. He works hard and is a good footballer - he is not a natural footballer. With injury, he will be invaluable to our squad throughout the seasons. He is our 8th best back.

Give him a couple of weeks he has\had a chronic hamstring injury which will like Tim Moltzen take time to recover from Maybe he is still concerned to put foot to the floor in case of another hammy tear One more tear may finish his career in NRL and he is being cautious If anyone remember saints game he was back to his best Carved saints up from the back that night . Are we going to give moltzen a hard time as well . Or Ellis as his groin is probably at chronic stage as well or Payton with his knee\calf

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@Cultured Bogan:

In regards to Mitch Brown: he was fit but was not selected, I will not reveal why publicly. Happy to privately answer questions though.

Care to share mate? PM me please.

Would be interested to hear as well

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Looks like an absolute w@nker. Probably spends more time in front of the mirror than his gf.

Full article here.


said he wants justice Can someone organize a bucket load of justice Please i’d pay to see that Actually i’d pay to organize that

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someone on another thread mentioned they knew why he was not getting start Who knows but form from last year would suggest he be one of the 1st 5 picked

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@Cultured Bogan:

@Balmain Bug:

Merit based selections is what this side has needed for years.

Are you insinuating that Fulton be dropped for one bad miss?

If fulton was dropped for bad one a lot of others should be joining him Starting Forward pack bar Ellis and Fifita

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hope its not a repeat of 06 remember he had a shoulder reconstruction against Saints round 1 Huge loss if serious despite what some think

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On the official site there is a link to the team announcement - but the line-up is blank!!

However it does state that Liam is out due to injury!

He is the only player mentioned in that manner - so I assume Ellis has been named!

Definitely says he is out . Gee I hope Gibbsy and Ellis are fit Round 2 and already stretched to limits with forwards . I think we have a problem Houston

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@Team Tiger:

Clearly, simple is not better. We still need to play to our strengths. This game plan took Robbie completely out of the game.

So you think Sheens had a game plan to leave Robbie out the point I am making is we could not do simple things right last night . if we had a different, more complicated game plan you think we could carry that out either . Get over it It is round 1 Sure the tigers will probably have another game we are not happy about as well . So sheens told benji to continually kick the ball dead . Forwards not to show up in either defence or attack If you think that what Sheens told the team to do you don’t know rugby league