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@happy_tiger said in NRL \- Last Man Standing\.:
> Go Parra

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Don’t worry Lethal you know you just LOVE Taylor Swift
Like I got roped into taking kids fishing today

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Geoff Toovey But I would want him covered in concrete .Couldn’t stand Toovey

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Yeah I was hoping the Argies could of beaten the Poms last night . No such luck

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@Novocastrian Tiger:

When he line up a kick he always reminds me of the way a chicken acts. Scratching around and a stance like he is going to lay an egg, he really is fowl!

We certainly did ruffle his feathers

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There is a very big gap between 20’s and NRL. Age should be lifted to Under 23’s

Guys like Simona Miller Groat and BMM seem to look better playing NRL than they do playing NYC…Why is that ?

Playing around better players would help greatly
Its like when you play golf with a low handicapper who is playing well He seems to help everyone in the group play better

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Our two scenarios:

Storm win = We play the Warriors next Friday night @SFS.
Knights win = We play Storm in Melbourne.

Wk3 Scenario: If we play Warriors and beat them we play the Storm in Melbourne week 3.

Either way we play the Storm in Melbourne.!!…That’s a bummer!! :sign:

Alexaki If Knights win we play Storm in Sydney not in Melbourne
That’s what the NRL ladder predicter said

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You could get anywhere between 26-1 to 34-1 11 weeks ago nothing compared to the 150 -1 in 2005
Actually about time I reminded Missus about that
She wouldn’t let me put on $50 when they got to 150-1 after Broncos loss in 2005 :brick:

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Agree Happy, the favouritism worries me too. I would have rather them to have lost by 2 then 30.

A positive to take from that match though is Moon and Mannering are likely to be ruled out.

A piece of advice Tim Bomb Vatuvei and shutdown Tupou on kick returns

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Lets worry about the Warriors first and the rest will sort itself out.

Totally agree Actually the Warriors game scares me more than the Storm game in Melbourne as we will be clear favourites in this game against Warriors

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@happy tiger:


Now let’s see if he can finally beat that highest debut score that’s held since 1877!

how many is that???

165 not out made it the first ever test match. I think that’s now 18 Australians who have made a century in their debut test and not beaten that score.

Charles Bannerman has the record and it was retired hurt I believe
Now i don’t want any of you smart alecs asking was I there 😆

Spot on Happy. Obviously the longest standing record in test cricket. When you look at the list of Australian debut scores it’s amazing how many have come close without going over.
Pretty sure Kepler Wessels and Wayne Phillips got within 3 and 2 respectively in consecutive years Yoss