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@Balmain Bug:

Word is that Wade needs a massive first few weeks to hold his spot in the first 17. Brown is firmly in Sheens plans. Sheens likes the thought of giving Brown a shot at fullback and Moltzen at halfback in the first few weeks.

When Farah is on NSW duty don’t be surprised to see,
9. Lui
7. Moltzen
6. Marshall

Anyway, injuries will guide us down a path, whether it will be a good one or a bad one I’m not too sure.

I thought McKinnon was really starting to hit his straps just before hamstring problems When we played Saints he was one of our best imo Problem is his hamstring has been a problem for quite a while at Warriors as well

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Guys, as I said in my post above, I believe that Latu has been injured and is out for a month.


He’s been named for BRET. Don’t think he’s out for a month or maybe he was injured before?

Sorry mate, didn’t see that, my bad. Perhaps it was a pre-season injury, which would explain why he didn’t get a go in the trials. Glad he’s back though, I think Latu has a big future.

yeah someone posted Latu was out for 4 weeks i know because someone asked about Latu and i passed that comment on

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Gee the new blokes bulldogs have brought in must be pretty good . I see in NSW cup side Dogs have Millington,Armit , Hodgson and Halatau pretty handy players

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Think we will see some changes to dogs side before kick off

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@Tiger Watto:


I hope Utai has learnt to jump.

His kick returns against the Roosters were excellent, however he was shown up big time defensively and he was not tested once under the high ball - his biggest weakness.

Aside from his selection, the side looks good.

Has anyone seen the Bulldogs Team? Trent Hodgkinson has a pretty good kicking game, and if given room, I’m sure they will test out Utai…

So he will be defending against Morris & Goodwin?

Yeah tiger watto that is a scary thought as well

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For those who didn’t watch the roosters game Utai and ayshford switch in defense on the fourth and ayshford goes to the wing in the case that teams do bomb him. Sheens is a much better coach then anyone on here and he knows what he’s doing. We just got alot of fans who don’t like Utai.

yeah you got a point there if they are doing that My only concern then would be if they run it on last Ayshford’s a far better defender than Utai .other issue would be kicking when they are changing over . Remember a game in early 80’s when Wests played Parra and they were experimenting with switching Paul Taylor and Peter Sterling between 7 and 1 and Wests pulled off the win of the decade for them and beat them by utilizing that switch

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Lets hope that Raper and Harrigan can communicate well or we may have issues

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Utai will fire. Well I hope he proves a lot of us wrong. He certainly has the potential.
Lets give him a couple proper games first. Could be a great signing

Very sensible first up post…

We all hope he has a blinder and I for one hope he does shove my words back down my own throat . I just feel that Brown deserved first choice if he is fit and can play multiple positions as well . I know that Utai has played a bit 2nd row but If i remember it was a bit of a disaster

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Yeah listening to Sheens name side and following questions Brown is 3rd in line behind Ryan and Utai unless injured

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Great to see Payton and Gibbs named . I hope Utai selection doesn’t turn around and bite us . Was their any explanations on the Brown \Ryan non inclusions ???