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If we included both sides no Tigers would be getting a point
3 Fifita great effort
2 Ayshford
1 Tuquiri

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Anyone who wants Moltzen at fullback is honestly retarded.

I am not retarded. He needs to be in a critical position.

He is not a fullbacks arsehole. If you think so you’re watching a different game.

Loses ground on kick returns. Poor positioning in defense.


One thing about McKinnon is that he would have got out of the in goal when he fielded that Hodkinson kick that resulted in a repeat set late in the game.

Mackinnon is no 1 fullback he made a try saver at one stage was solid under high ball . Again reason Mackinnon did not seem to play well was because of sub par kicking game at other end he was constantly in a defensive position as we could not maintain field position .

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To me Marshall obviously is our no 1 player. Apart from Marshall who is going to win us games.

I think on tonights performance Lui can however he needs to cut the poor options out of his game. Fifita is a weapon and should be the no 3 chosen player every week (behind Ellis & Marshall).

Ellis is another who can win us games.

Farah can do it as well however I think he needs to really focus on simply being steady. Tonights performance wasn’t great but he didn’t make any crucial mistakes. Marshall also makes mistakes but his mistake to big play ratio is a lot higher than Farah’s.

Moltzen is another and he needs to be at fullback. Yes he will stuff it up but he will win us games as well.

Apart from those listed I think Lawrence and Tuqiri if given space and time will win us games.

One word Defense

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Before we start blaming Fulton Lets have a look at our kicking game . Too many times Dogs were starting from 22 and getting field position at end of sixes . They in return put great pressure on our back three and got numerous repeat sets , With our attacking kicks much prefer Farah taking than Benji . Our kick chase was pretty bad . Goal kicking If I was Sheens I would of said to Benji goal kicking of 75% plus . Would of started game with Payten and brought the youth on once we had set a platform . Don’t get my wrong dogs played really solid ,but we did not take our chances and looked very disjointed for a team with basically same side from last year .Disappointing but only first game we need to hit back against Warriors but they will be out for revenge after last years touch up .

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I think 1 of the back rowers for Tigers First try scorer

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Blowing a gale outside at present and only a few kms from the ground. Would hate to be one of the back three, especially if I was on the short side, although might be in a good position close to the ground to pick up the crumbs

Why ?? So he can give the ball to the opposing half back after he has dropped it for the 3rd time

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I think we are better off going with size in forwards Dogs pack looks smaller but more mobile If it is wet as has been mentioned We want forwards going forward and win this battle for me if bryce not fit Woods into side Other option would be Ellis in front row maybe and start with Dwyer as well Other thing if we get go forward Benji Robble and Robbie job gets so much easier

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@Tiger Watto:


oh yeah, i’ve got a dog named ashley and a rabbit named beady eyes

whats your budgies name???

isn’t it easier at meal time for animals just to be called Boy or Girl It saves a whole lot of thinking too

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Think the rain( if significant) will bring Bulldogs into the game

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only one player is out currently

Who is the player out No official changes made that i know of or could see