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only one player is out currently

Who is the player out No official changes made that i know of or could see

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If any one wants a great trivia book Trivia for the Toilet is a good read Some amazing stuff in there

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Maybe when Benji retires he and Wendell can form a dance troupe ??? Seriously though hope Benji relaxes tonight Do what you do best Benji !!!

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Another one would be waffles ???

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Why do toasters always have a setting so high that could burn the toast to a horrible crisp, which no decent human being would eat?...THIS WHAT REALLY BUGS ME!!!

good question 👿

Crumpets ???

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Balmain Tigers hate Campbelltown - In the last 3-5 years there’s been this power shift and all you hear is “Leichardt is a spiritual home of Rugby League”, or “Nothing beats Sunday arvo footy at Leichardt”

There’s a bee-d*ck difference between historical crowd figures over the 11 years, and statistically I’m struggling to recall a massive gap in any winning rates between the two.

This notion that they are equals in this merger, is exactly that … an notion.

St George has basically overpowered the Illawarra region by financial takeover.
They reap the benefits of the juniors, the money of the fans and all to preserve the dying name of the Dragons.

Balmain and their aging dinosaur fanbase (have you seen 'em ? Pensioners on a bus by the thousand !), fear being lost in the ether of history like Wests, Newtown, Norths.

Wests have the juniors, and the cash - Balmain NEEDS them more than those arrogant arses will ever admit.

Yet behind the scenes we have this orchestrated viral media campaign to “win the hearts and minds of Rugby League” by romancing the idea that that termite infested [automatically edited] should be the source of all things Tigers.

An 11,000 crowd on a clear Saturday night at Leichardt is described as “bumper”.
A 10,500 crowd on a rainy Friday night in Campbelltown against an interstate team, (two days after Origin - yeah, like Balmain will travel to support their club then huh), is described by the same paper as “disappointing”.

If the power brokers at Balmain got their way (Elias, Sironen, Roach, Jack, Dawn Fraser, Jimmy Barnes, et al), EVERY game would be at Leichardt, while they continued to rape the Macarthur areas Junior talent stocks, and hold their hand out for “cash” from the other half.

Their sixteen different jersey combinations and the plethora of merchendise available provide the extra funds to keep the ailing Balmain alive - Wests fans will buy anything. Balmain will ONLY buy Orange.

Wests fans travel to SFS and Leichardt. - Balmain will travel to SFS and Leichardt too … But not Campbelltown. “It’s too far for a Friday night after work” they say. “The M5 is a joke” they say … yet we dont hear the go-withouts from Campbelltown complain when it’s Friday at Leichardt OR Monday at SFS do we ???

I’m no Tigers fan, but I’m fiercely Campbelltown.
There’s more Bulldogs around here than Tigers fans so I’m comfortable and I tolerate them.
Winning in 2005 made me happy for the locals.

But I can see what’s going on here …

When they decided to do without two feeder teams, who got to keep theirs ?
When they wrote a song to out-do the NRL, where was the Wests part ?

Make no mistake … if they could ditch them, they would !

Neither club can stand alone and it is a 50 50 share I loved the Magpies as much as anyone but i love the tigers (wests) even more Its past and nothing you can say will change that

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fair enough either way is good with me MM

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Saffas have done their part.

Table looks like this (remaining opponents in brackets)
India P5 7pts (West Indies)
Windies P4 6pts (India, England)
Saffas P4 6pts (Bangladesh, Ireland)
England P5 5pts (West Indies)
Bangas P4 4pts (South Africa, Holland)
Ireland P4 2pts (Holland, South Africa)
Holland P4 0pts (Ireland, Bangladesh)

If England lose their last game they’ll stay on 5, Bangladesh will need 1 win to pass them, if England win, they’ll probably progess, so I’ll be praying for some Gayle Force batting in their next game.

On another note, some good hitting by Clarke and Huss has got us out of trouble and over 300 against Kenya. A win here will see us 1 point off the lead in our group with a game in hand, so top spot is looking good, hopefully it equates to a QF against Bangladesh.

Mate seeing Englands form wouldn’t we rather play them than Bangladesh Bangas harder game

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Can’t wait to see Lote square of with Merritt from Souths He just loves tackling big guys (Not) . Can remember when Tuiaki steamrolled him a few times couple of years ago .

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Courtesy of the Official Wests Tigers website:


Interesting to note, Blake Ayshford is now listed as weighing 98kg which is a considerable increase on last season;
Andrew Fifita still hits the scales at 114kg;
Rob Lui has now bulked up to 94kg;
Jake Mullaney is a clone of Hodgo at 77kg; and
At only 168cm tall, Utai tips the scales at 96kg.

Toyota Cup team still appears to be in progress:



it is amazing how big centres are and they don’t look it If you had said to me that Ahysford was within 5-6kgs Of Gene Miles I would have laughed at you I wonder how smaller centres like Steve Renouf Tony Currie Chris Johns etc would have gone in todays game weight wise ???