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> Go Parra

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Bulldogs are going to be a lot better team than people think . Having Eastwood back makes a big difference with them Eastwood is a very underrated footballer in my eyes Lost a lot without the General at the back though

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Don’t bring up odds Still curse the wife for not letting me put 50 on the Tigers in 2005 when we were 150-1 after the loss to Broncos (could see we had great draw after saints game )

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Yeah get Brown back Those Saints players need another slapping around LOL

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Cameron Smith and Darren Lockyer instead of Farah and Marshall

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live and let die best song hands down Not a big bond fan but when Halle Berry walks up the beach will do me just fine thank you

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gee as a Queenslander i’d have to say any side picked in last 5 years take out Robbie Farah

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Man I am so pumped for 2011….I truly believe if we have no major injury setbacks then we can go all the way. As for Benji, I am so glad he is on our team; I am so glad he is a loyal person and wants to be a one club player. Beji will end up being the most celebrated player in the NRL…he just conducts himself so well off the field - the ultimate professional and champion bloke…he is so humble.

Totally agree 100% all the Tigers players make me proud to be a Tiger supporter They look like they all get on like a house on fire both on and off the field Saw an interview in 2005 that now that they had won premiership they were brothers 4 life And they play like they are brothers GO TIGERS

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Well if Bennett is going back to Broncos(or the new franchise if it happens ) the first player to follow would be Darius Boyd . I’ve heard his young fella does not like it down there either (that is just rumour though )

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See he was just issued a $10000 fine which is being donated to flood victims . as an born and bred Ipswich boy good move NRL . Why did not Gallop say this is his last chance . All Gallop has said was he is heading in wrong direction and the NRL does not want him if he can’t change his ways . Another airy fairy attempt at discipline . No wonder we have so many issues with alcohol in NRL

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Does anyone have an issue with the fact it may or will not happen before thet start of season I think if I was Tim or Chris I would like to have it sorted before the start of season just so they have there heads 100 % on playing |coaching at their premium