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@happy_tiger said in Coronavirus Outbreak:

Mrs was saying that Twiggy Forest has imported 10’s of millions of $$$ of supplies

The bloke is legend …

There are ulterior motives to this and he is not the only person doing it. If you are exporting freight to China, it costs a fortune if you do not have a return journey for the plane. So him, lobster farms, meat exporters etc are madly trying to find good that they can bring back that they can actually sell.

Bringing in medical supplies that are currently needed & selling them at cost to the government actually saves them money.

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@jirskyr said in Corey Harawira-Naera:

I wonder if CHN’s punishment would have been the same if Okunbor hadn’t done what he’d done. I believe CHN was not aware the girl was from a school he visited, even if he may have known she was school-age, he met her at a nightclub and did not set that meeting up.

Then banging a teacher, there’s nothing wrong with that at all apart from his club probably not being appreciative of CHN’s member doing a lot of the talking during the trip. I bet everyone has at least 1 teacher they would like to have banged as a young lad or ladette.

The girls was not from the school that CHN visited, that is why most considered his offence not as serious as Okunbor. Toddy has helped his old mates at the dogs out by giving them 2 less players to pay.

Even though the season has been suspended, surely they have to have 29 players under contract the same as every other club. They should be forced to upgrade someone.

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This is the draft to get a wide receiver, and it wont’ necessarily need to be in an early round. There are more than a dozen that will likely have long & successful NFL careers

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With a couple of quarantine stops along the way

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Just curious for those whose turned up today, was was the ETA date on the tracking site?

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@happy_tiger said in Coronavirus Outbreak:

Flicked to 604 (Coronavirus channel ) …Ardern expects Australia to pick up the bills for NZ workers in Australia

Short term I don’t have an issue …but long term why can’t they contact NZ social services for assistance

Would be cheaper to charter planes and fly them home. I think that there are a lot of planes looking for passengers at the moment.

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@happy_tiger said in Exclusive offers coming via Wests Tigers app:

Maybe try selling 2021 memberships now …

They should, I am still waiting for my 2020 pack to arrive that I ordered in signed up for in January.

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I read somewhere over the weekend that pornhub was giving free subscriptions to Italy, Spain, France and other countries in lockdown.

Is that offer being extended to Australia?

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Was announced training is cancelled.

I think Robbie Farah has cursed the hooker position. It never ends well when we sign one.

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@pawsandclaws1 said in Coronavirus Outbreak:

@Harvey said in Coronavirus Outbreak:

My wife is a nurse. I would suggest (based on overseas reports) that her risk levels are equal to or greater than teachers.

I don’t see anyone suggesting that they stop medical or ambulance services.

The measures being rolled out are to limit exposure and the number of people infected, so we have the capacity to treat them. If anyone has massive objections to the job they are being asked to do, they can resign and open their own business, or look for a job in hospitality.

Would you like me to give you a bouquet? I have three members of my direct family at one hospital all medical professionals. I mentioned teachers because like other staff they are in the firing line. Just because I don’t mention medical professionals doesn’t mean I don’t have the utmost respect for their work. Try not to be so insecure next time.

Nurses and doctors are just an example of critical services that require staffing. Bus drivers are exposed to potentially thousands of different people everyday.

The children of anyone working in a critical role need to be looked after and teachers are employed to educate.

If I was a teacher I would be concerned that I could pickup the illness off a student, the same way that I am worried that my kid could pick it up off a classmate or a teacher.

The only way to stop the spread is to shut everything and let people fend for themselves. Unless that is the outcome you want, then some people (including teachers) will need to put themselves at some risk.