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They just need some experience (Packer, Reynolds and Matulino) and the premiership window re-opens next year

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If Matterson is that unhappy with his current occupation he can retire and get a job. Otherwise he has a contract for the next 2 years and is welcome to fulfill it

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Shut up teddy. Robbie is an example of someone that was committed to the club and willing to sacrifice.

You are a proven dirtbag who was willing to put their own financial gain ahead of anything. You might have twice the skill set of Farah , but don’t have 1 % of the loyalty

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Has been done for passing on inside info to the Tigers forum through his mother

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Are they 2 different players, or just a Queenslander where each head has a different name

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Someone said that in retirement Robbie will be the new Benny. Spot on.

300 games coming, our season is on the line and Robbie would rather discuss the poor me history.

People say he loves the club, but I am starting to question that. He loves himself and sees himself as the a person the club should resolve around.

Can’t wait for his ambassador role when he can fascinate corporate supporters with his poor me stories, explain everything Sheens, Potter and Taylor did wrong and sell himself as the perfect coach, football manager, CEO or whatever role he has his eye on.

If asked a difficult question, he can excuse himself and go to the next box, or organise a lift to pick him up after he jumps the nearest fence.

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@WT2K said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

The Eels and Panthers are in discussions about a move that could see Reagan Campbell-Gillard join Parramatta next season (

Excellent. We can make another play for Tim Mannaih

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Clubs need to treat players like assets. They pay them, invest the time and money in development yet for the most part end up losing out on that investment.

Latrell might be the best case of this. Been with them since he was 15, developed into an origin and test star and will effectively have to pay to make him leave to a club for no restitution for their time money and development. If they had the option to trade him they could get adequate compensation. If there was a draft option as well it would be even better for clubs in these situations too

My heart bleeds for the roosters. Imagine investing massive resources into developing juniors, only to have them stolen by wealthier clubs.

🎻 That’s the worlds smallest violin playing just for them.

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They strip searched him to make sure he wasn’t carrying copies of the 2nd set of books or Uncle Nick’s golf scorecards

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Matulino = 4 months.

Burgess = 4 weeks.

That’ll do me.

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@TillLindemann said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@Tweed_Tiger The arrogance on there is nauseating. God I hate roosters fans.

Funniest thing I read on there was someone whinging that he is failing to honour the club that developed him and gave him the opportunity to play rep football and sign a million dollar contract.

Jeez the hypocrisy, they must have forgotten where Tedesco, Keary, Cronk, Crighton and all there biggest name players came from.

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Our recruiting reminds me of Maxwell Smart.

Missed it by that much.

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When you start talking about mathematical probabilities, you are already gone.

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Get Matterson back to pre season training and let the other forwards use him as target practice

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Wde do not have to have 29 players locked down until 1 March. Use the pre-season to analyse our dummy half stocks.

By all means bring in Brittain and let him trial for a 1st grade contract, if he is the best sign him. If Simpkins is in the mix, upgrade him and he can be used in rotation with one of the other players.

If it becomes apparent that we do not have a decent option, look for madge to use the international signal of distress.

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