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@gallagher said in Films - not movies:

I watched a film called ‘rubber’. It’s about a serial killer car tyre. Hilarious.

Check out Black Sheep.

Also Peter Jackson’s debut Bad Taste. NZ cinema at its finest.

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@hsvjones said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@wokesmoke said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

BJ did his medical today

Do you know how he went ?

Currently awaiting test results on cold sores that were discovered. Would not take BJ if those signs are visible.

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@Cairnstigers said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

My guess is he is deciding between staying at South’s playing second fiddle $600,000 ?
Coming to us $400,000 ?
Or moving to Melbourne (Hush Hush)
$400,000 and playing in a top team and being coached by Bellamy

So bench player for $600,000 at South’s

Or into the starting side for $400,000 and staying in sydney

Or pack up and move to Melbourne for $400,000 A season

He will know Smith is leaving
Addo-Carr is leaving
Vunavalu is leaving
And Bellamy is probably leaving

So probably deciding wether to stay at South’s where he can’t prove himself
Move to tigers where he has every option to improve his game under Madge and stay in Sydney

Come to Tigers Doueihi

I don’t understand why a budding superstar is looking to lock in a 4 year 500k deal. Surely if his is that good his manager would be looking to get him a contract with a decent club where he will stand out for a couple of years, then in 2 years time he could demand the million dollars that top line players receive.

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@Cairnstigers said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

We need a signing
This forum is about to explode
We are in the early stages of a civil war

The fact is if we were a constant top 4 team we wouldn’t be arguing with each other
This is what pressure does to people

Settle down everyone

Tomorrow is a new day
There are far more concerning things in people’s lives then missing out on a signing
Things like health
I could tell you some life experiences that test your resolve and that really test a persons will
I don’t go into that
But I can tell you that things get better

Would only take a phone call to Lichaa to reunite the forum.

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My biggest concern is that BJ turns up, doesn’t buy into the culture and training regime, and ends up becoming a problem child.

If the club stays strong to pul him into line, his younger brother gets put offside. We are then carrying 2 players that don’t want to make the effort.

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@avocadoontoast said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Parra have nothing to gain by releasing him. He’s on a pittance and now they have 12 months to convince him to backflip. Pretty smart actually.

Mental Health Card!!!

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Doueihi 500k per year for 3 years is the best offer we should make.

1st year reduced by at least 50k taking into account what Souths have paid him.

50k bonus if he plays origin.

Happy to take 4th year option, as long as it is completely in the clubs favour.

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@bbobb said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

So if Paul Crawley is on the money and we don’t sign AD, understanding that we are most likely to start with Corey at the back for 2020, does anybody know of a quality fullback that is either in reserves or whose contract is due? And who would you buy?

I know of Sean Meaney and Bubba Kennedy

Tex Hoy

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In as Warren Mixomatosis

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I am in. Weight for Latrell