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We might be able to get him back cheap next year when he is unsettled and playing reserve grade at the storm

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@Magpie Magic:

Can’t believe he wasn’t selected yesterday he may have got us home.
Service out of dummy half and kicking game was the loser for us while a loyal clubman who was one of the best for NSW watches on.
He even needs captaincy again we are copping high shots every week have zero influence over referees.
Feel sorry for Ballin and wish Ballin all the best but the reality is his money could have retained Marty and his toughness we surety miss.

We already had a state of origin hooker.

Marty is on fire at Manly. If we had got stuck paying him 600k we would be screaming now. The offences he gets a 1 week suspension for at manly would have been worth at least a month in a tigers jersey

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Is there a petition to stop further unnecessary petitions

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A utility and 2 rookies.

Should I include Elijah Taylor as well?

JT liked him in there.

We better pay Robbie 900k for next year and keep him here. Even if we were to sign Segeyaro, DeGois, Basptise or someone else as a replacement, they may get injured and so a destabilising influence past his best is clearly the best option.

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Didn’t read the whole thread - however,
Vossy just said his friends’ @ Leeds want Robbie now and are willing to throw a huge offer at him, for now - not next year.

Sorry if someone has already noted this.

Zac Hardaker from Leeds is looking to move to the NRL. Maybe some sort of trade could happen.

That would be a good trade however i wouldnt pay the £300k transfer fee Leeds have place on Hardaker. If it was a straight swap, then yes. Play Hardaker in the centres and remove Kevin Niaiqama or Nofo.

I just hope Robbie gets the send off he deserves from the club and look forward to him coming back and taking the Head coach role in 2 years time when Taylor is gone 😃

I don’t think that we could ask for anything in terms of a trade. If they are going to pay the majority of his contract, we should even offer to cover airfares

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Well then in that case he made the right call to keep Farah.

Otherwise we would have no hooker for the next 12 rounds.

Lucky he didnt send him on his way


Only Cherrington, Liddle and Halatau

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Hindsight is a great thing in life …things just do not work out at times ,good luck Matt sorry it did not work out for you .

Was not hindsight for a number of fans who said signing an ageing hooker coming off a knee reco was a disaster waiting to happen.

You slam the club for being inept but give them a free pass here

Agenda driven stuff.

He was signed by CEO of the year Justin Pascoe.

Wasn’t he signed by the other Penrith bloke that had a short stopover at the tigers

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I would suggest that from the length of the recovery and the fact he is now facing the knife again, the original operation failed. That is not a good sign for the pending recovery.

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Quick someone call Isaac DeGois

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Making sure that we have to pay him out should he move on?