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@JD-Tiger said in Ofahengaue Signs/ Aloiai released:

We had a chance here to stand up to these players, and instead we caved.

I genuinely don’t understand why people think this. The Tigers said they weren’t going to just release Aloiai without a replacement. Such a replacement became available, and they were able to use the cash they were going to spend on Aloiai to secure him.

Pick an option:
A) Stick Aloiai in reserves and don’t replace him on the first grade roster, to make a point that we won’t be pushed around.
B) Stick Aloiai in reserves and sign another prop, using money that could have been used to strengthen the squad elsewhere.
C) Decline to release Aloiai until a suitable replacement can be found, find one, sign him and then release Aloiai to free up cap space for said signing - thus making a like-for-like swap.

You’re totally welcome to believe Ofahengaue isn’t a good replacement for Aloiai. You might be right. But if the club thinks he is, using Aloiai’s money to get him is clearly the best outcome for the 2021 roster.

Joe O is not a replacement for Aloiai. There was plenty of room and funds for both. I don’t watch Broncos except for when we play them, so I don’t know much about our new player. I’m hoping for good things though.

Gaining Joe and losing Josh are two unrelated events.

The problem here is we said we would not release Josh A unless we received a financial advantage. That was a very public statement. And now WT have said we received a payment for Josh A (good to hear) but we’re not disclosing how much, WT just wants us to trust them. Maybe it was a high enough amount, and really if the figure was publicised, only WT are in a position to adequately judge whether the figure meets their criteria or not for it being a ‘good enough’ amount.

It is just very unfortunate that there was no deterrent for players stitching us up again. And a lot of us said this last time with Matterson. So who’s next? Nofa? Twal? Mikaele? Talau? Liddle? I’m guessing it’s more than one next time. Wonder how that will go down.

Seriously all the "WAH WAH WAH we want to know how much" rubbish so self centred and ridiculous. There are MANY commercial reasons not to disclose even not considering the obvious contractual ones. Maybe Manly dont want it disclosed or as POM alluded to earlier, if we are using that money as an enticement for Penrith to let Laurie go early, why the hell would you let them know how much we got? Would totally destroy any negotiations.

Spot on mate… I think we have had a massive win here and people are still complaining… People need to understand that the player we might of wanted from Manly might not of wanted to come here so we looked outside the box and got Joe O at a discounted rate for the next 2 years… We didn’t need a swap with Manly to make it a good deal for us as we could of held firm for the next 12 months and lost JA for nothing… Thats right Nothing… Now we get rid of him and the negative press it would of brought, get a SOO quality player at 25 yrs old and get 100k+ to put towards something else…
I am wrapped with the news today and even media guys out there are saying this was some smart business.

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Outstanding news… Welcome Big Joe…
Full credit to the club for making this happen and thinking outside the box and not sitting back and excepting a player from Many that we didn’t want / need.
Joe O will be excellent for us moving forward and excited for 2021.

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Ask yourself 1 question…
Is JA a better player than JO ?
To me NO and he wants / will be leaving anyway. I applaud the club for looking outside the box and getting JO as clearly there was not a player swap we wanted from Manly out of the players that would of actually wanted to come here… No point swapping for a player we don’t want or need…
(also Broncos are paying some of the freight and the 3rd year is a Club option)
This way we get a better replacement plus cash from them and its a win win…
We really don’t want to hang onto JA just to prove a point and have him hear bringing down molale aka. M Moses… For me this is a very very smart move and the club will word this release of JA in our favour… Yes and i understand we don’t want to look like a club giving in but if there is no player to swap with you deal with it…

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@GNR4LIFE said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Maybe we just sign Siro for 2022, which might make Manly more inclined to release him.

Could be that Siro doesn’t want to come here and thats why this deal is falling over…

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No more releasing talk Please Mr Wests Tigers

Did the Eels release Stefano ??

or the Panthers releasing Laurie??

If Josh A wants to go, he is free to do so after season 2021

Yeah I’m a bit peeved we’re just gonna roll over yet again and let Aloiai walk if we sign Joe O. His acquisition has nothing to do with Aloiai. He should not be released unless Manly cough up someone else or some form of compensation, though honestly I’d rather Aloiai be made to stay and see out his contract. We need to start getting tougher with the tantrum throwing wantaways. Other teams manage to do it and so should we. It’s about respect.

Understand what you are saying but we have looked outside the box here… We release JA and his 350k salary which frees up money to purchase Joe O for around the same price as Broncos are contributing around 150k etc for the difference… To me thats a win win because we replace him with a SOO quality player that is only 25 years old and lock him in for 3 years… or we lose JA for nothing in 12 months and the morale damage he could cause in this time is endless… People seem to come to the conclusion that we MUST get a player in return from Manly but if none of there players WE ACTUALLY WANT want to come here whats the point of keeping him… I bet if we couldn’t of got Joe O the club would of kept him to make a statement but this way we get a player we won’t and i’m sure Manly will be passing some cash over also… I personally think this is a great win for us.

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So was hoping for an announcement/s today so we can clear the air before preseason next week… Wanted to hear we have signed JO, Released JA and maybe anther player… But oh well at least we are doing something and making some smart recruitment decisions.

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So are we actually getting J O or is it just media guessing again?

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If this plays out and we get Joe O, Siro we have done extremely well…
Considering a few weeks ago we could not sign anyone and no one wanted to come to us…
If a Manly player doesn’t want to come here we cannot make them so the club looking at Joe O as replacement is looking outside the box and Manly can compensate us some cash… Its still a win for us and upgrade… If we demand a player swap and it doesn’t happen we end up paying JA 350k to sulk around the club and bring unwanted media attention and he takes a spot up in our 30… This is a win win to me and shows shows the club managed it well… We are really heading in the right direction.

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@willow said in Joe Ofahengaue Next ??:

A change of environment will do him the world of good. He knows what he’s getting into as far as training hard is concerned, but he fits in well with a squad which needs some controlled aggression in the middle. I think Tamou will be a very good influence on him and Stefano - I know his leadership is being talked up quite a bit already at WT.

Plus lets remember he has played SOO… This guy went down under Siebold and confident he will be back next year under Madge… Massive upgrade if true.

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I do find it funny that the media have not mentioned once that the dogs have overpaid for there players. If these signings were at the Tigers we would be back page about us paying overs for players just to get them to play for us… Burton is way overs but its all praise… Just shows there is an agenda there and the only way we can fix it is to win…