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Just another game where Refs gift them the win… Some of them calls are disgraceful

We should watch carefully as we will be on the end of them again next week…

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@The_Return said in OFFICIAL: Wests Tigers sign James Tamou:

As a Tigers fan ive been too scalded not to think this wont turn out like a Harris, Blair or Packerlino situation. Hopefully this signing is the start to ending those thoughts.

This is a Madge signing so no concerns from me…
Plus not on big money or long term so he will need to perform if he wants another year after the 2.

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AFB seems to have kept his nose clean after an incident when he was 19 and I hear he is a good family man from people down here who know him better than me. I saw Dylan Walker, wife and son at the Mall yesterday and they looked like a happy family. People make mistakes, it’s how they learn from them that matters
Vaccinations are a personal issue, if you want to take them good luck to you, if not that’s fine too, I don’t label people who’s personal choice differs from mine
Good luck to AFB I say, great player who deserves better than some of the comments here

Players wanted him gone. He’s a kook and divides the playing group. Half baked preacher who doesn’t know when to stop and Des didn’t like him.

Any word on Staines/Burton TB?

I think the Staines thing is going to go on for a while. He’s the same price as JAC! Good luck to him. Burton has become hot property. We’re in the race, but so are a few others all of a sudden. It was almost a done deal until two weeks ago. Let’s hope Tamou has some influence.

I have the same feeling about JAC… This delay has LM saga written all over it and all of a sudden Souths come into play… I know we don’t want to give into Melb demands but Maybe Tommy would be a guy I would let go if he wanted to go… He would be a massive pickup for us as a team but also for Corp / Merch money…

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Disappointed in The POM … No update this week and a week when all us need some good news. 😀 😀

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A lot of people are crying out, upset at the club and even signed a petition for a 35 year old player that cannot defend to resign but when the club gets a 31 year old LEADER on & off the field they complain…
Once Packer and Lawrence go we have the youngest forwards in the comp and they need a leader that know what it takes to win. He will want to perform well as he might even get an extra year extension down the track… Need to remember we don’t have the funds for a AFB, JWH kind of player so this is a brilliant buy - 2 years so not committed long term and not on massive money like Packers etc… This is a classic Madge signing on limited funds.
They just need to announce it already…

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JAC watch: Day 27

Go have a shower mate

You will have another 100 showers before we know the outcome of this…

Storm would want him to come to us over Souths I would assume 🤷‍♂️

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Question for you… If we have to wait until after the season (most likely outcome anyway) and with that alone it will open other clubs into the bidding war once they settle rosters and I feel we are unlikely to sign him… Do we chase Stains or someone else now before we miss out on both ?
I trust Madge 100% what he is doing here but as we know we have been burnt before and not just once…
If it was me I would swap Talau now and make the deal assuming he is willing to go. we cannot afford to go through all this again for the next 2 months…

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With Suali looking like not going to Souths now I really don’t feel comfortable… I think his management need an upper cut as what he is asking for is a joke and for someone that has not even played against men its even more of a concern… How is the rest of the playing group going to react to this up himself kid…

My concern is South all of a sudden have some funds available and Dane G has 1 year left on contract so they will encourage him to look elsewhere for a long term deal and they will contribute some of the first year… That makes a wingers spot available 🤦‍♂️ This has Souths written all over it and tigers copping the hard end of the stick.

Hope I am wrong as JAC would be massive for us and our brand…

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Stories now in the SMH with Slater reckoning JAC will make it at fullback with the Tigers.
Seems a forgone conclusion he’ll be with us.
Probably Tamou as well.

Until its announced I am not convinced unfortunately… Especially with the Suli guy at Souths asking outrageous demands for a guy that hasn’t even played a reserve grade game… Not the kind of guy I would want on my team… My gut feeling is he pulls out and guess what… JAC to souths just like LM again…

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I wonder when we will hear if we have resigning any of our current players or extend some of our 2021 off contract players ??? As a club we cannot wait until after Nov 01 as other clubs will approach the likes of Nofo etc… Other clubs are making announcements already but as usual we are behind the 8 ball…