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One from the left field, North Sydney Oval is conveniently placed and close to public transport, however, parking could be an issue.

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Marshall has again shown that he can win us games with his few ‘crazy’ moments, IMHO, he still has it and to paraphrase ‘if you are good enough, you are young enough’! Arguably he is still within a few best attacking 5/8!

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3 Aloiai
2 Mikaele
1 Marshall

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I remember, a few years back, quite a few experts on this forum wanted swap Tedesco for Moylan ??

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hard to play with so many uninterested players, simply no energy. After easy 10:0 everyone stopped, complacency we saw numerous times. The only player I can mention is Aloiai, everyone else is still in their beds. We can win this, but we have to change our attitude 100%. Nofoaluma is clearly indicated as a weak point, so they attack his side whenever possible.

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Harding and Coolridge demonstrated that lowering tax works, and crashed post Great war depression

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We have some smart people looking after recruitment these days …

Sign all these young guys up and if we get a diamond or 2 out of them we will have the money to retain them in a few years when we lose JR, Packer, McQueen etc…

Yes and no Jonesy

You still need some hard heads who have been around the game to lead the youngers blokes around the field and potential pitfalls

Potential is still just that …potential

Agree mate … Nothing beats experience

Just the fact that there will be money in the kitty for a few special players that need bigger money is comforting.
Nothing hurts more than getting that young talent or the diamond in the rough & you don’t have the money so they leave for another club with the funds…

i do now we have heard all this before so fingers crossed.

Some current players will probably get upgraded by that time as well so not as much as we may think but still a good amount.

Even for next year I’m sure some guys will be earning more than this year plus we will have to pay for BJ Leilua so we might not have as much as we think. Hopefully we can get one good player at least like JAC or Cotric.

G’day Josh: I’m not being disrespectful in any way to JAC, but is he a risk of going walkabout with his Brothers of his Mob and maybe doing the wrong thing again?

Correct, that is why would I take Koroibate, Rona, Cotric or Tupou, and leave JAC to Mundine’s off the field antics!

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good, it looks like we dodged another bullet!