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@Aesopian said in Josh Addo Carr Contract Discussion:

@Ponyo said in Josh Addo Carr Contract Discussion:

Josh Addo-Carr hasn’t given up on leaving Melbourne before the upcoming NRL season, with three Sydney clubs on standby – but the Storm winger must wait for the dominoes to fall.

Paul Crawley, The Daily Telegraph
January 16, 2020 5:56pm

Josh Addo Carr’s hopes of getting out of Melbourne this year are being hampered by the Storm’s reluctance release the star winger unless a rival club can offer up a similar quality player in return.

The Daily Telegraph understands the three clubs in the race for Addo-Carr are the Sydney Roosters, Canterbury and St George Illawarra.

The Storm have already agreed to release Addo-Carr for next year but behind the scenes a game is still being played out to get him to Sydney for the 2020 season.

Addo-Carr is going through a management dispute which is only making it more difficult for rival clubs to enter into any negotiations.

But the other issue is said to be the Storm’s so-called unreasonable demands if a player swap was to occur.

While the Storm are selling it as if they are in a position of power, the fact of the matter is that it is Addo-Carr who wants out on compassionate grounds.

But unless Melbourne lower the bar it is unlikely a trade will be done for this year.

The Storm are in a difficult position given they have already lost Will Chambers and Curtis Scott which has left them extremely skinny in the outside backs while both Addo-Carr and Suliasi Vunivalu will be on the move next year, unless of course Addo-Carr leaves early.

The Roosters are considered the favourites to get the star Test winger if a deal can be done.

Meanwhile, Adam Doueihi’s career at South Sydney remains in limbo following Latrell Mitchell’s arrival.

Wayne Bennett had another chat with Doueihi on Thursday and assured the 21-year-old he would not be pushed out of the club if he didn’t want to leave.

The trouble is if Doueihi stays his best hope of cracking an NRL spot will be as a utility off the bench.

While Wests Tigers have shown interest in signing Doueihi there is a push for the Rabbitohs to sweeten the deal by at least picking up some of his $500,000 salary for 2020.

At this point the Rabbitohs have no intention of paying any money to release Doueihi although that could change if Jai Arrow becomes available for this year.

Arrow’s situation at the Gold Coast hasn’t changed with the Titans still not budging on an early release, although that could also change if Gold Coast can find a suitable replacement.

The Daily Telegraph reported on Wednesday that star Cronulla prop Andrew Fifita had been tossed up as a possible replacement for Arrow.

Although both the Sharks and Titans have denied any knowledge of the Fifita speculation, rival clubs are aware that Cronulla has its own salary cap concerns.

And it would not surprise to see further Sharks players linked with rival clubs in the countdown to the season.

Paul Crawley’s just announced his derangement to the world with this article. Tigers need quality outside backs. It’s a glaring need. The top winger in the comp is on the market and he puts pen to paper declaring we’re not in the running.

Nice try crawls but we’re defos in the running and the club is gonna throw the kitchen sink & then some to snare the fox’s signature

OK… Opinion or fact?

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@Lidcombe_Magpie1 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

A bit of topic but

Just an update on the Centre of Excellence:

Wests Tiger and West Harbour Pirates have been asked to vacate Concord by the 3rd week of February which I’m assuming means that demolition will start in March. Both clubs will be located in demountable’s behind the old eastern stand over the canal at Concord.
I believe that the Tigers will probably train at St Lukes North, the oval has just been reseeded to get to NRL standard (not sure what that is) and the Pirates will be at St Lukes 2 and 3 sharing with the Tigers lower grades.
Schedules for construction of the CoE are still a little grey but my sources are telling me that it may not be available until after the 2022 pre season. But I am assuming the oval itself maybe accessible before that.

Training in little better than an A grade teams home ground for the next 3 years… No worries

Probably cost us Latrell

Not sure if Been mentioned some gibberer on radio yesterday reckons Corey thompson to Penrith

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I bang on about consecutive WWWWs every pre season… Nothing changes

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He’s fast… He’s capable… Better than nothing

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@colinbh said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@Tiger_Steve said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@jirskyr said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@Tiger_Steve said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@jirskyr said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@Tiger_Steve said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

So what is the trend? You are an analyst.

The trend is we are 0 from 1 in attempting to sign Latrell Mitchells.

However knowing as you do that you need at least 3 for a trend, it’s just a single datapoint, not a trend.

Come on - that is seriously taking the piss. Is that the best trend you can come up with?
Mate, don’t get me wrong. You post great stuff but that response was less than convincing. I’ve said a million times that missing Mitchell is not the dominant issue. It’s losing clutch moments continuously. That is our dominant trend (in my humble opinion).
If we sign JAC tomorrow, we start to correct that negative trend.

I agree on clutch moments, if you mean clutch moments on the field.

Signing Latrell, or not, isn’t a clutch moment at all. It’s a very long drawn-out affair. I am not aware of any trend of Tigers offering players a million bucks and being turned down. Not even privvy to the data about how many players Tigers have ever (or recently) made offers to and how successful we have been.

Recruitment is all shady talk anyway and almost no firm data, so you can’t really go building trends about recruitment.

By clutch moments I mean important end results - moments where it matters.
I agree we don’t understand The intricacies Of contract negotiations. Mate I know nothing on that front. But at end point - we lose. That’s my data point. End result. Interestingly, I wonder where we win in this regard? Maybe with players not seriously contested? I don’t know. But I stand by my hypothesis: when we want a good player - we lose. When we need to win - we lose.

We lose if Mitchell turns out to be the best thing since sliced bread. We win if he doesn’t.

How can you say if he turns out crap at Souths that he’d also be crap here… You can’t.
A player can fit in well at one club and not another due to many factors

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This is a massive loss for us and I believe will have a roll on affect re recruitment… People can put any spin on it they like but this is highly embarrassing for WTs

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@Newtown said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@Glenn5150 said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@Newtown said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

Opinions to NRL players from two unhappy recent ex-Wests tigers together with some South Sydney players who had been coached by Madge may have had a lot to do with West Tigers recent unfair reputation.

Not having a crack at you Newtown but what do all those saying “we can’t attract players because Madge is too tough” suggest?

The day the club replaces a coach because he was “too tough “ on players is the day the club signs up for another decade of poor performance and my last day as a supporter

I am sure that in this thread there was a statement from Wests tigers following their first meeting with Lattrell Mitchell. The statement read that the offer was taken away from Mitchell because he did not want to take part in any extra training sessions (as did Matterson by the way). The statement also said that another reason why the offer to Mitchell was withdarwn was because Mitchell wanted to visit Taree at various times during the season and Wests Tigers also would not comply with this requirement.

No wonder the club did not have any gurther discussions with Mitchell.

I highly doubt that

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What are these 2 comps?

Wests Tigers GSR Laurie Daley Cup
Wests Tigers GSR Andrew Johns Cup

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Are we any faster in the backs this year?
Painfully slow last year it, cost us so many times

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@Blaze said in Website Updates and Changes:

Thanks hobbo!, however had a quick look and can’t see a display option in my settings… 🤷‍♂️

Me too