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By Mark Levy

Source? Who is Mark Levy?

I looked him up, a guy from 2GB and seems to do stuff with channel nine.

If it is the same Mark Levy he played fullback for the Tigers and Eels.

Two different blokes.

Damien Cook was asked this.morning if he believed Reynolds kick was accidental… He ummed and ahhed, beated around the bush, mentioned his prior tripping incidents and not once said ‘yes, accidental’

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The NRL will ask players and officials residing in south-west Sydney to move out of their homes if the Queensland government doesn’t provide the code with a travel exemption after new restrictions came into effect on Tuesday…


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Queensland has just made the Campbelltown are a COVID hot spot … with playing the Broncos this week there could be a major problem with any players from the Tigers living in that area playing… as there needs to be a 14 day ISO period and the Broncos would be in the same boat going back to Queensland a 14 day ISO period . Good luck the NRL so if any do live there they have been training all week , looks like the game will be cancelled !

How many of players for this week live within the Campbelltown precinct?

Who knows I would say Nofo ?for one … club will verify I would say .Like everything with this virus just need one for a shut down .

Rowdy and I think maybe Talau

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There are certain clubs that are very loyal to the Panthers, St Marys,Windsor,Emu Plains and St Clair in particular.
I played at Lower Blue Mountains for 20 years and every player that ever made a Rep squad would get sent to one of those clubs.
If they were good enough to make it to the NRL they never mentioned Lower Blue Mountains.

Yeah the Eagles!!! Best sausage sanga around! Never had any big boys like Minchinbury or Blacktown but had some good fighting spirit.

Everything you said was spot on in regard to top shelf players moving on and playing elsewhere (Peter Wallace maybe from memory was one). Ah well as a Wests Tigers fan one thing for sure is you can’t keep em all…

Wallace actually for a season played out of the Penrith district with CarlingFord cougars in Balmain JRL… so he could return to play in his mates team… He was in a different division to his friends when he first got to St Mary’s I’m assuming (not sure on his Penrith club)

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Time for more punitive action for defaulters who won’t do the right thing, both individuals and businesses.

A quick buck or laugh at the expense of more responsible members if society.

Responsible? I would think vulnerable would be more appropriate.

Of course. But those who abide by the law suffer because of these indiviuals or businesses. The smug reply I heard from the Eastern Suburbs Rugby Club last night reaffirms the need for punishments of severity.

What did they say?


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@Tiger-Tragic said in Your most punchable player or coach over the years:

Dear Mods, how has this got to 5 pages already when it’s premise is about how good it would feel to inflict physical violence against people? Really?

Yeah… Poor form eh?

Should be 25 pages by now!

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Lock this rubbish

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“I think it’s a really good stance from our club,” Arthur said. "Even though the kid is not here next year and going onto other things - which is fine - we are not holding that against him.

"He is still a very young and well respected playing member of our squad. It’s a good thing on behalf of the club that we’re not taking that personally.

"We want to give him an opportunity. He’s a kid that has come through our system and it’s a good example for the rest of the kids coming through - if you’re good enough you’ll get a chance. If you train hard, you’re a better chance.

“We’re proud we give him the opportunity to debut at our club.”

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