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Intensity 110% with and without the ball… How goods tupous set starts?

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And he catches the ball like a flegler too

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@JoshColeman99 said in Gold Coast Titans Team:

@trentrunciman said in Gold Coast Titans Team:

titans always pump us for some reason

They beat us more than any other team in the comp

Brisbane Roosters Canterbury Melbourne panthers Parra

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@JD-Tiger said in ANZ Stadium Rebuild Cancelled:

Even the NRL promoted Bankwest as the Eels new stadium. I haven’t been there myself, it looks an amazing stadium on the tv, but how can it be our home if it belongs to the Eels?

I know some stadiums are shared, ANZ for example, and that works fine. But when for Bankwest they talked about naming the stands after famous Eels players and whatnot, and talking about the Eels new stadium, well that’s not sharing. I hate what Parra have become in recent years, I certainly do not want to be doing them any favours. I believe we could share with them, but I don’t want to be a guest in their stadium.

I’ll leave it to cochise to correct you on a couple of things

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@Jedi_Tiger said in Four new suburban stadiums or grand final will go:

If they were inclusive it would be Wests Tigers for CC if we did in fact want to move forward
We are not the Roosters using a feeder club like Newtown etc
Wests Magpies are Wests Tigers it just doesnt make much sense
If the shoe was on the other foot and we had a Balmain reserve grade only then im sure people would be just as opinionated.

We used to, in a sense.

Its not that big a deal imo… But I do find it ironic the Wests juniors are now Tigers… Quite funny really… And balmain jnrs now supported by magpies and wearing a magpie… Crazy and sums up our club really

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So what is Wests Tigers Macarthur JRL ?

Western Suburbs DJRL rebranded?

Lol… Amazing

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@JoshColeman99 said in Wests Tigers Team v Gold Coast Rd 4:

If we don’t beat titans by 30+ we should be embarrassed. More nervous for this game than last week, we have a knack of losing these ones.

We are better than them everywhere in the park and with a classy looking spine we should take this one easily

"… If we are serious finals contenders we would be winning by a good 20 points or more

That’s not what tigers usually Do so expecting a close game. Would take a 1 point win if need be as long as we are winning I’m happy… "

Better to be happy than embarrassed I guess