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Maybe its just me,but I thought Moltzen was a very average(at best) fullback when he played there early this year,but when he went to no 7 he injected a real spark into our attack,& took some of the playmaking responsibility off Benji(who himself improved).
As for Gallant,very impressive evasion skills & speed,& solid under high ball,but defence unfortunately now a major questionmark & he needs to do work on this area in off-season.I think a one yr deal,providing its a lot more attractive than the farcical deal he’s currently on,makes a lot of sense as at 24 next yr will be his make or break

Agree he has provided a lot of spark at halfback and that’s been a great move, but I thought he played really well at fullback early in the year. He certainly scored a few tries, he was probably on a steep learning curve with respect to positional play but I thought he was a lot better than average.

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Seems a shame to pick particular players when it was such a great team effort, everyone went well.

I think we were helped out by David Williams who had a shocker, Tony Williams who can’t seem to defend kicks and Matt Orford who I thought took some really bad options today. Watmough nearly made up for all of them though…

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Like the thread title says, 1 week at a time.

Forget about making the 8, forget about bulldogs, titans, eels etc, JUST BEAT MANLY!!

I HATE Manly. I hate to see them win, I hate watching them play, I hate the players, the fans, the coach, I hate everything about Manly. I don’t care about making the finals right now, I just want to see Manly get smacked.

…phew, that feels better.