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Pretty happy considering injuries
Would prefer walters not be there, we have lawrence on bench who can cover plenty of spots in a pinch.
Rather another bopper

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they said on the radio it was done at like 11.55pm Monday Night

Think it was August 3rd for cutoff

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Based of NRL Stats

Supports we are ranked 13th
Conversion percent last
Pretty high in penalties conceded
Below average post contact metres
Suprisingly Ranked #1 in decoy runs (yet crap in support runs)

Stats actually read towards a top 8 in not pushing top 4 team
Clearly between the ears for theses in difficult moments.

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@jirskyr said in Lost::

I don’t understand the fixation with who is “captain”. I personally don’t care. As long as someone is showing leadership, preferentially more than 1 person, it doesn’t matter if they are ( c), (vc) or Captain Of The Oranges.

Also to note our most experienced players - Benji, Rowdy, Elijah Taylor, Mbye, Nofo, Packer, BJ Leilua - not exactly fan-favourites captain material.

here, here

i also think we have no clue what happens behind the closed doors at training or during the game.

Im no massive mbye fan but he’s still probably our 2nd best centre and he’s better in that position then lawrence. For the most part he’s been defensively solid, he had one stinker. Also recieves way less ball then the right side.

Yes he’s overpaid, blame the rat cleary.

My vote once again not knowing what happens at training would be packer, he’s been huge for the games he’s played & i also feel a forward can ‘pump’ everyone up with some big hits when were a bit flat.

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@Jedi_Tiger said in Brooks itching to reclaim No.7 jersey:

no he has not
spin the chocolate wheel in the halves again

raiders,cowboys,bulldogs,panthers,souths then suspended

all decent efforts! we’ve found it the missing key is Reynolds! sign him up another 5 years

*cowboys 2nd half 😐

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Before warriors game i believe we were #1 at stopping second phase play so put the warriors game down to attitude. Cue was in the rack after 10 minutes.

Grant needs a rest or sometimes just needs to distribute quicker.
I would like to see Benji at 7 and Brooks at 6 with Brooks first thought to be take the line on (like Foran) and distribute based off what the defense does.
Bit more variation in 5th tackle option would be nice, or an early kick in the line to keep them on their toes

Leiluma side needs more spreading from the middle, they look super vulnerable if its 3 on 2. Nofo will rush the centre 100% of the time and teams know it.

Other then that our best performances have been by no suprise is when we start getting fast play the balls in the middle. We should be moving quick and pushing for quick play the balls and our attack is a completely different side.

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@Russell said in breathe:

@Cairnstigers said in breathe:

@Russell said in breathe:

@Cairnstigers said in breathe:

@hodgo said in breathe:

Everybody take a breath and look at what we are for what we are!

We are a team crippled by terrible contracts.
We are team with minimal speed.
We are a team without a consistent spine.
We are team with minimal talent.
We are a team with alot of youth and some inconsistent experienced players.
We are a team with minimal impact players.
We are a team that lacks consistency.

While it hurts we DO NOT have the team to compete every week.

What we do have is a coach trying to install hard work grit and determination. And we are seeing that in quite a few players.

What we have is a super positive recruitment process which is unearthing alot of talent.

what we have is positive for and against which is something I can’t remember having for a long time.

What we have seen is some of the best performances a tigers team has shown in the last ten years in terms of grit, defence and determination.

Lets all be honest we are the average toiler at the moment and we are fighting for consistency.

Lets keep things i perspective we are fighting for an 8th spot but more importantly we are trying to build and identity let it happen there will be speed bumps.

I agree with much of this
I think the problem lays with the performance of a number of the players
Not the coaching staff or recent recruitment
We are signing some exciting young players
Its the older more experienced players that have been letting us down
Lets move them on
They have had years to prove themselves and they are just not capable

For starters we need two new halves that can create more
At least one speedy winger
More aggression in the front row
And more depth
Add to that a hooker that can last the distance after harry leaves
And maybe a fullback with pace

With you till the last line.

That’s why I said Maybe
I think Doueihi is safe under the high ball but doesn’t have that burst of speed we need
Maybe he is injured

Trouble is everyone is looking for a new Teddy, Turbo etc.

There once in a lifetime players - this guy we have imo will be good. Everyone that
plays FB doesn’t have to be Eusan Bolt.

gotta agree, i dont get all the slow comments. Yes he’s not as fast as tedesco but i remember teddy getting run down everytime.

I dont think your number 1 criteria for fullback is can he run 100m and score on his own

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@Tiger5150 said in Still a long way off:

@watersider said in Still a long way off:

I think you’re all way too harsh on Mbye. He shouldn’t be captain and doesn’t deserve the dollars he’s on, but he’s nowhere near the problem with this side and has been playing fine at centre. I’d have him in my side easy every week. He’s a class above other options. He’s not an impact player, and we desperately need those sorts of players, but you don’t drop solid players if you don’t have someone better. Really think this is over the top for what he’s doing.

Our issue is our defensive fortitude when it counts. We simply get sloppy and passive at crucial times. Parramatta opened up the game late in the first half last week when we started to get intimidated and Warriors did the same in the second half. We just don’t match teams when they lift. Talking about who is playing centre or not has nothing to do with how we go about winning games.

We need a Gareth Ellis, Boyd Cordener, Rueben Wiki, Ben kennedy, Jesse Bromwich sort of player that our forward pack can be led by. We had that with Ellis in 2010 and 11, and we tried to get that in Adam Blair, but we’ve not had it since. Ellis was a player who would change the momentum of an attacking or defensive set with a big hit-up or a really strong tackle which would slow the speed of the opposition. No one in our team can do that. In my opinion, that’s all this team needs to be a top 8 team. Talk about backs all you want, but they’re the frilly stuff at the bottom of the dress.

This ^^^^^^^^^^^^

third this

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didnt see blore miss anything other then Greg Inglises first try with about 5 of his tiger mates

on the positive side at least we don’t need to wait until last round to learn were not playing finals.

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no point jumping mbye he did his job(its not his fault some rat called cleary offered him stupid money).
Its nofo and lawrence side that targeted all night and the attack we kept going to even though it was offering nothing.

When brooks came in he stifled our attack massively, that been said walters offered nothing better.
Just run benji and run another forward in 6