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Anyone that has Kayo…just saw this In the app that it will be streamed live

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very disappointing. 100% understand why the club has taken this action but 2020 roster is looking very average with no one of note on the market. A shame we didnt get anything in return for releasing Matterson & Masters

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So Latrell is looking less likely to join us. Can someone tell me what we got out of releasing Ryan Matterson?

Just salary cap space with no one to spend it on? If that’s the case why not demand a player in return or sit him in second grade. We had the advantage and got nothing in return.

Be nice to get some good news for once.

I am guessing membership numbers are struggling so far

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Sounds like this has at least another week before any decision. Sounds like he is waiting for some clubs to offload players. I think we should move on if that’s the case he obliviously he is using us as a last option.

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If we can get some salary cap space Curtis Scott is the type of centre we are missing. Has some X factor about him.

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I can see the NSWRL trial match on I think at 12pm but not NRL. Surely they would do the first grade as well.

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Reeks of Chance Peni Vol.2

My god we are pathetic

Some people said same thing when we signed Jordan Rankins comparing him to Blake Austin.

I doubt no one on here has seen much of him play so let’s trust the coach. Different player and person so can’t compare him to past signings that didn’t work out.

He seems highly rate and I think we need a few more of these type signings along with established first graders.

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Half the team are second graders at best so will be a long second half.

Tedesco doesn’t derserve a NSW jersey. His had a crap season

Nofa as much as I love his passion and runs out of our own end is he the worse defensive winger in the NRL?

Rankins, Edwards, Littlejohn and Lovett should play first grade again. A few others aren’t far behind.

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Just wondering why we didn’t get him this year as a swap for Moses. As happy as I am that Moses is gone I am disappointed we didn’t get anything in return for letting him go.