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This is so embarrassing. The posts in here. I’m about done with this forum. I just come to talk Tigers, there is so much casual racism. I try to refrain from responding. So maybe I should just not come here, which is a shame, because I do enjoy many of the other posts and discussion.

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i honestly think re-building around promising juniors is a better way to go than signing ‘band-aid’ solutions like Milf. Invest in the future because i can’t see success in the next 1-2 years. Similar to the way we were building with Benj; Robbie; Fulton; et al in 03/04 and then teddy; moses; brooks et al a few years ago.

I’m sorry I can’t really see how building promising juniors like Tedesco, Moses, Woods etc helped us at all. Farah And Benji are the only real junior stars that have stuck around IMO. And that was a long time ago. Can’t expect developing a player is really going to help based on recent history. It’s still worth doing, but can’t rely on that. Gotta make some astute signings that are ready to go now IMO. A combination of signings and juniors.

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I’m tipping Reynolds to have a cracker and have a magical comeback story

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Another year of 9th-10th same as always won’t be a success for me. I understand your point totally, there are reasons why its positive, I get it, but I am hoping for a new story before the decade comes to an end! Happy to make finals and get flogged first game no problem. I will be pretty upset if we lose next week. It will be an incredibly hard game. Two teams same points both desperate to make finals. So whoever wins will truly deserve it I suppose.

At least, no matter what, WE BEAT PANTHERS!!! Who were destined for finals success before the start of the season

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Am I the only one nervous about the idea of Robbie playing and adjusting the team make up of the last few weeks? Haha. I guess in Madge I trust. Of course he may not even play. Still it makes me nervous. Adjusting the team. I’m a Farah fan too.

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I don’t see the point of replacing one average fullback with another average fullback who might be ‘slightly’ better than what we have now. I’m talking about AJ over Thompson. I want a very real increase or else don’t bother at all. My 2c.

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I think the plan is so other teams underestimate us as it gets near the finals. Final game of the regular season 2019, Tigers are playing a full strength Sharks team. It gets to the final minute, Sharks infront by two. Robbie darts out of dummy half, sneaks a pass to Benji. Benji draws in supporters and gets it to Chee kam. He scores! Tigers wins 20 - 18, leaving Tigers to move up the ladder and finish 11th place for the season.

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Disgruntled Weststigers players…

Funny how Nofa is so happy…

One of the highest paid wingers in the comp? Yep.

No finals, no defense, same stuff each year…but tries hard. Yep.

Of course he is happy. He is on almost the same coin as both roosters centers and much more than the roosters wingers…

Geez! EH talk about taking a positive and turning it into negative…And hey! that was really nice of the chooks and Nofo to share their contractual finances with you…Good to know your in know😉

Not turning into a negative…just that we have had a trend for a long time now of average players loving the place and elite players fleeing as soon as they can.

That is not even disputable. I would just like to hear matterson himself actually speak on it al before I judge. No one can doubt he put in massively in the field. So, lets hear from him.

Chris McQueen… on 400 to do nothing…taking shots was a bit rich IMO.

I agree. Why do all the exciting players leave pretty quickly. It happens alot. I know sometimes it can be unrelated situations…but at the end of the day. Any ‘star’ has been very happy to leave.

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I dont understand all the ‘Benji is holding others back’ - do we really have somebody else to pick? Who is demanding to take his spot?

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@TigersBusDriver Agree.
Talau looks a great prospect though

1 Mbye
Even with that outcome I just feel our backline is still one classy game breaker short.

Yeah, I don’t think we have a fullback for next year. Mbye and Thompson both seem like capable standins but not a genuine fullback in NRL level. Other than that, not bad.

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Without the crowd, and now I have Kayo, I really notice how Vossys play by play commentary makes the game much more exciting than anybody Nine has. Rabbs isn’t as good as he used to be. For me, Vossy is hands down the best (at play by play). I wish he was on Nine. Does he call Origin on Foxtels broadcast?

Just my opinion. Any other thoughts? Who is better than him? 👍

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I’d take him for sure. We are sorely missing players who have a bit of class.

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Jack of all trades, master of none

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I thought cowboy was an opponent he deserved to fight. He did it and won. Now he can fight masvidal or something. I think he is rather clever, McGregor. He isn’t the best fighter but he is brilliant at marketing. I really think he knows what he is doing in regards to marketing himself and how he acts is quite intentional. I think he is smarter than some people think. I’m not a fan of McGregor. But I do think he is a clever guy.

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I’ve read many articles the last couple of months about players Tigers have met or are likely to sign. This new article is as useful to me as the one we are likely to sign Latrell, Moylan, Paps, Ado Carr etc etc 🤷‍♂️